Damages You Can Recover In Auto Accident Case In San Diego


Auto accidents are most common on the roads of San Diego. Auto accidents can cause a lot of damage to the victims. The sufferer has to deal with serious injuries, medical treatments, pain, anxiety, and missing work. An accident can completely alter a victim’s life. Seeking the guidance is motorcycle crash attorney California is important in such a case before making any settlement with insurance providers.

Damage is a legal term used for the losses that can be compensated after a car accident. Seeking the help of car crash injury attorney California in case of accidents can help the victim secure fair compensation for the damages. Let us have a look at the type of damages a semi-truck crash injury attorney California can help to recover after an auto accident in San Diego.

Compensatory Damages:

A person caught in an accident can be a driver, pedestrian, motorcyclist, passenger, or bicyclist. The damages received by any of the above persons caught in an accident in San Diego come under compensatory damages. Compensatory damages intend to compensate for the losses received by an accident victim. Compensatory damages include:

  • Lost income
  • Medical treatment as a result of injury
  • Inability to work leading to loss of future income
  • Vehicle damage
  • Suffering and pain

How to determine Compensatory Damages:

If your case reaches the court, which is rare when you file a personal injury lawsuit, the court finds if the defendant is completely responsible for the accident or there is some fault of a third party. The jury also checks if some measure of the fault lies with you or not.

Once the person at fault is determined, the next step is the assessment of losses. An accident victim can incur two types of losses that are:

Economic Loss: It includes current and future medical bills. Lost wages also come under the category of economic losses.

Non-Economic Loss: Non-Economic damages are difficult to determine in terms of dollar value, but they are some serious damages that a victim can face. It includes pain, anxiety, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium.

The jury of the court assesses all these losses to determine the compensation to be given to the victim.

 Insurance Claim:

The concept of damages in the case of the car accident is not only limited to personal injury lawsuit. You can also file an insurance claim after the accident. The monetary settlement received after filing the claim is also considered as damage.

Depending on the circumstances and the stage at which the victim settles the accident case, he or she receives the settlement money to cover all the losses. The losses in such case are categorized as:

  • Total Loss: It involves payment of actual cash value of the vehicle.
  • Special Damages: It includes easily calculated losses like medical bills and loss of income.
  • General Damages: It is the amount paid for inconvenience, pain, and suffering.

A car accident attorney assures that you receive fair compensation for your loss. Nakase Law Firm has experienced lawyers who will help you receive a fair amount depending on the losses. They help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

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