Contemplating divorce? Check these tips first!


When you start thinking of divorce, your marriage is on the rocks. You probably cannot think any better, but divorce is more than just a change in your marital status. It can impact your life, financial and emotional wellbeing, and you have to think beyond the current thoughts. if you are contemplating divorce, here are some tips to consider. 

  1. Think again. If you haven’t tried something that could have saved your marriage, think again. Divorce should be considered, only when all efforts to save a marriage has failed, and you have really tried all possible ways of reconciliation. 
  2. Know the state laws. In Utah, you can file for a no-fault divorce, and it doesn’t have to be complicated, provided you fulfil necessary residency requirements. Check in advance if there are other things related to state laws that can impact your divorce. 
  3. Call an attorney. Legal advice should only come from a lawyer, and not your friends and family members. If you fear harm from your spouse, or were treated badly in the marriage, you may want to call a Sandy domestic violence lawyer. If needed, your attorney can get a restraining/protective order. 
  4. Keep old arguments aside. You have to cooperate with your spouse, if you want to sort issues like child custody, child support, asset distribution, and alimony. No matter what led to the divorce, you have to communicate with your spouse. If you don’t want to, let your attorney do the talking. 
  5. Focus on shared goals. This is another aspect that warning couples often forget. The divorce is not the end of the road for either of you. However, if you have shared interests, like a joint business, or a minor kid, you have to think beyond what you want for now. 
  6. Consider mediation. Mediation is necessary to settle things amicably in a divorce. Courts in Utah encourage couples to come up with their own custody/separation agreement, and if you don’t agree to mediation, things will get complicated. 
  7. Be financially prepared. No matter what your lawyer tells you, the cost of the divorce is likely to be higher than that. Before you initiate the proceedings, consider the financial impact of the divorce and ensure that you are prepped for handling all of that. 

Check online for best-rated divorce attorneys in Sandy and ask for a meeting. Talking to an attorney can give you a better perspective about the divorce and how it would impact your life ahead. 

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