If your warehouse capacity gets limited because of the changing general conditions, mobile racks can present an economical alternative. Their mobile substructure enables the use of the most different tracking systems such as pallet racks cantilever racks and modular shelving systems or combinations thereof.  

The shelf rows are displaceable so that always only the working aisles are open. This way, a large number of working aisles can be saved according to the requirements. This process is controlled centrally from the control cabinet decentrally, from individual racks or via remote control.

When designing new buildings, the storage volume of the hall is roughly cut in half compared to rooms with stationary racks. It reduces capital and operating costs. In an existing building, the storage capacity of almost doubled when using this storage system.

Benefits of a mobile racking system

  • Obtain new storage space from aisles 

With mobile racking systems, unused space is open for use as the racks are moveable.

  • Up to 90% saving on racking aisles 

Mobile racking systems save on cost and have a high return on investment rate than non-mobile racking systems

  • Better utilization of space 

Since the racks are mobile, there is a better utilization of the available storage space.

  • First-in-first-out possible 

First in first out warehousing technique is easily achievable with the mobile racking system. For more details on FIFO racking systems, please check

  • Can be mechanized 

Mobile racking systems can be mechanized. 

  • Shorter travel distances

Shorter travelling distances while retrieving products from the mobile racks 

Operation of a mobile racking system

 The control cabinet is the central operating and control element. The white pilot lamp signals general readiness for action at the rack. Before opening another working aisle, the operator presses the release key within the currently open aisle. The employee has approximately 7 seconds to leave the aisle and to pass the front-line barrier. The operator sets the system “ready to start”.

The green pilot lamp at the rack lights up as confirmation. By pressing the control switch on the front side of the rack or from the remote control, the employee opens the new aisle. An acoustic warning signal sounds and the system starts moving. The displacement speed is approximately 5 meters per minute. For the entire travel time, the orange pilot lamp at the front side of the rack is on. When the aisle opens, and the white pilot left lights again that the aisle may is safe. The system stops as soon as the light barriers of the rack or travelling gears are interrupted. It happens while the rack is displaced. It protects the employees and goods during the automatic operation.


For many years now, mobile ranking systems are realizable by industries and companies globally. A continually growing number of users from the most different industrial sectors benefit from this system.


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