Real Benefits of Packing the Lunch Yourself 


Should you pack your lunch box yourself? The answer needs to be yes. Here, we have enlisted the five too real-time pros that can change your life when you pack your lunch box yourself. Let us have a look at these below. 

Save money If you eat your lunch outdoors, then it may cost you around at least dollar ten for each meal and it will count to $2,610 for each year. If you want to save money, then packing your 3-compartment lunch box (กล่อง ข้าว 3 ช่อง, which is a term in Thai) and it will cost lea than that. It is an economical option for you and every person should keep it into account. But the lunch never is free anywhere, so better to reduce the cost. 

Eliminate Ecological Footprint

If you buy more, then you throw more and it is a vital factor. Imagine how we throw single-used utensils, paper, and straws we throw if we eat out regularly. This is too horrible to imagine and what we need to do is packing our lunch box from home, eat it and then, wash it back for reuse. 

Every small change can help you and the environment to stay safe & a bit healthy too. 

  • Eat Healthier

When you pack your food yourself, then you are in a control of complete healthy food whatever you eat. Easting healthy isn’t about getting complicated. Usually, we do not get enough veggies and fruits to eat throughout the day but if you have it in your lunchbox, then you will more likely to eat something healthy. 

Simply, begin with preparing something healthy at home like salads, pasta with carrots, and drink filtered water rather than sugary ones. When we eat something healthy, then it will make us feel better, both from inside as well as out. 

  • More Time For Relaxation 

While working or studying, we waste a lot of time figuring out where we should go out for eating and it takes time to travel, pay, and receiving orders also. When you start eating, then you find very little time to eat and get relaxation for a while.

However, getting some quiet moments for few minutes can make us feel calm, and also, you will feel too relaxed. 

Rather than getting into the rush and eat too fast lunch, it is better to choose lunch at home and pack it for yourself.

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