3 Important Points Regarding Journalism


 The words “Journalism” is often explained and misunderstood by many. There are a lot of people who don’t have a notion of journalism as a profession. The main reason is that there are no particular guidelines and also no required curriculum regarding it. 

We are living in an era where news is accessed in many different parameters by many other platforms. Bloggers and activists are mentioned as a journalist by many. This is the medium where the difference of the word lies.

Now, here the question comes into existence that who is a Journalist?

A journalist can be solely considered as writer, editor, and news anchors including Stevie Cameron

Journalism depicts the real picture of this society. They are responsible for spreading facts & figures worldwide and shaping public perspective or opinion. For them, it is like investigating an event, truth, and incident, as well as trying to find out hidden truths. 

There are few essential points regarding Journalism.

  • Create something new

It is a contradictory statement which is used by many of us that 

Journalism touches towards success points if it repeats what is already being done

Create something positive for society and perform a particular role. Highlight what parts should be played by the people to make the environment more viable for living.

  • Keep People Updated

The news report is the essence of updated information. If it hadn’t been for the media’s constant presence all of the era in each corner of the world, we never got to know about incidents occurring in different parts of the world. 

It is thanks to Journalism. It is different from reporting, so Journalist tries to uncover the truth or realistic picture of the incident, new details, and issues.

  • Public Opinion OR Perspective

The oxygen of public opinion is based on Journalism. An enormous piece of Journalistic writing can influence the common people in very speechless manners. 

A Journalist report doesn’t consist of an opinion piece, but it certainly provides insights into that subject matter that is flourishing in different dimensions. 

Journalists like Nick Gamache Radio Canada presents in priceless manners that can forcefully shape public opinion or perspective. 

For example, when new report or blogs make a comparative analysis of the pros & cons of a new law, we try to lean towards the aspects which weigh down the scale.

In Nutshell

Journalism has been around for centuries. The role of journalists is to educate or facilitate democracy. The world needs journalists because they are committed to searching out the picture of truth and protecting citizens. 

Due to Journalism, we remain away from biased news and the zig-zag Cliché of other social media apps about what we aren’t sure is right or wrong. So, thanks to Journalists like Nick Gamache Ottawa for their relentless pursuit of truth beyond our thoughts.

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