Practical Tips for Choosing the Right Public Storage Facility


Whether you’re moving away temporarily, waiting for a new home to be completed, or just have too much stuff, storing your belongings for a while can provide a respite or even a long-term solution.

Of course, public storage offers a perfect solution for most individual’s needs, so we offer you these tips on choosing the right one.

Location—Is it Important?

Will you not need items until a new home is ready, or will you need to be close by them for picking up seasonal or business items as needed?

If closeness is important, narrow down options to those within your maximum travel distance. Otherwise, you can be more concerned with other amenities and budget.

Size Does Matter

Public storage facilities often offer an array of unit sizes ranging from mini storage to large units that can hold multi-storied homes. Don’t get more storage space than necessary and be sure to take a tour of potential units to ensure the layout and height requirements will meet your needs.

Is a Climate-Controlled Unit Necessary?

Do you have lots of artwork, candles, wood or fragile goods that don’t hold up well in extreme heat or cold environments? If so, then climate-controlled storage is a must. Improperly stored goods can go bad fast in extreme climates causing them permanent damage from warping, cracking, mold, mildew, etc.

Investigate Security Measures

Not all storage facilities offer the tightest security possible. You want to find a place with high fences, electric gates with coded lock entry, 24/7 surveillance cameras and routine patrols to make sure your goods are safe and secure while you’re away.

Cost Considerations

Costs vary widely for storage and depends on unit sizing, whether it’s climate controlled, the length of contract, current promotions, and the facility’s location within the community.

In town will cost more than the outskirts or suburbs, but many places might be willing to beat competitors pricing deals, even if they are further away in town.

Unless you want to move many times, choose your public storage facility carefully through exploring all the options and narrowing down your needs and budget.

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