Commercial Building Inspection in the Garden State


Commercial establishments have always been an essential part of many communities in New Jersey, especially in its major cities. These are where people can conduct activities such as work, shopping, dining, and relaxation. 

With its importance, owners need to keep their commercial buildings in top shape and compliant with the standards. A regular assessment with the help of an expert commercial building inspector in NJ can help proprietors maintain a safe and well-functioning establishment. It will also aid them in preventing property deterioration through time, use, and weathering.

For example, when the remnants of Hurricane Ida swept through New Jersey in September 2021, many buildings suffered various kinds of damage. While the catastrophe totally destroyed some properties, others only sustained minimal damage, which, if not properly assessed, can still pose potential dangers.

Disregarding commercial property deficiencies, whether caused by natural disasters or not, can lead to fatal situations. Owners need to invest in commercial building inspection in NJ to have their establishments checked by professionals and determine their present condition.   

During the inspection, the engineer will visually survey the entire building and document their findings in a property condition assessment (PCA) report. They will assess the exterior components of the property, such as parking spots, adjacent streets, and sidewalks, and the interior elements like air ducts, stairwells, aisles, alarms, fire exits, windows, doors, walls, and ceilings.

The inspection can uncover any hidden faults in different parts of the building. This will enable them to act and schedule immediate repairs or renovations to prevent further damage. Faulty wires or leaking pipes are examples of unseen issues many commercial spaces face that often lead to unnecessary and hefty expenses when detected too late.

To learn more about commercial building inspection in New Jersey, check this infographic provided by Lockatong Engineering.

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