7 Handy Tools for Professional Metal Fabricators


 Metal Fabrication has since become a critical aspect of our day-to-day lives. Nowadays, fabricators mould metal sheets to different products using various tools and parts. The process also involves multiple steps, including cutting, machining, welding, forming, assembling, and having proper equipment ensures the project’s success. Therefore, the first step to becoming a skilled metal fabricator is acquiring the necessary tools. These include;

1. Metal cutting saws

Metal cutting saws are common in metal fabrication projects. They come in different versions and may range from circular saws, chop saws, cold saws and band saws. You’ll get quality saws from any leading Metal Fabrication Tool Distributer, and circular saws are very common. They are highly efficient if fitted with the right blades. Band saws are also common and safe than handheld saws. They help minimize injuries associated with metal cutting tasks, making them a favorite choice for many.

 2. An angle grinder

 This is a handheld power tool that comes in varying lengths. It’s used to cut, grind, and polish many types of metal. It’s handy since most fabricators undertake such jobs frequently. Go for 41/2 to 6 inches and pick a long-lasting angle grinder since you’ll need to use it often.

3. Different angle grinder discs

 You need different angle grinder discs. These include grinding wheels, flap disc, wire wheel, strip disc and more. Grinding wheels are handy and can be super or standard abrasives, depending on your needs. The grinding wheels feature abrasive grains and fibreglass layers that act as grinding and cutting tools to shape and refine the material. These are useful processes in any fabrication project.

4. Angle finders

An angle finder is a useful tool for measuring angles and recreating angles of previously measured regions. It’s useful and is commonly used by trim contractors frequently utilize it. Most angle finders feature stainless steel or high-grade aluminum. Because you’ll use them regularly, it’s wise to invest in a good quality pair.

5. Cutting glasses

 Safety is key when it comes to metal projects, and this is why you need high-quality cutting glasses. Most metal fabrication projects are large-scale and can pose a great risk of accidents. A good pair of glasses will help minimize the risk of injuries to your eyes in case of accidents.

6. Drill bits

As a metal fabricator, you should have your own drill bit even when you can get them from your employer. If you are a beginner, a normal length drill bit and a shorter machine screw drill bit are ideal starting points. Why are they important? You need the devices to create different hole sizes on metals and many other materials.

7. A sturdy backpack.

You’ll certainly need to store your tools safely, and this is why a backpack comes in handy. You risk losing your devices if you don’t keep them in one place, so invest in a strong bag.

You’ll get different metal fabrication tools and parts in most stores. But, it’s advisable to purchase from reputed manufacturers to ensure quality. In case of replacement parts, have a skilled technician help you choose the most suitable parts for your device.

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