Choosing An Air Dryer In Singapore: What Are The Factors To Consider


Like finding an air receiver tank supplier in Singapore, you need to look for a credible manufacturer when buying a refrigerant air dryer. This compressed air type can help remove excess moisture through compression, which always consists of water. When a compressor sucks in air, it will likely inhale exterior water too. A refrigerated air dryeris necessary to prevent any potential damage within your compressor.

But how does a refrigerant air dryer in Singaporework, and why should you be very particular with choosing one for your business? Here’s a brief and quick list of what factors to consider when purchasing a refrigerated air dryer.


The maximum pressure of a refrigerant air dryer in Singaporeshould also get considered. It can either be higher than or equally match the maximum pressure of the compressor.


Every refrigerated air dryerhas specified and modified maximum inlet temperature. When buying a refrigerant air dryer in Singapore, go for one that can adapt and never exceed the maximum inlet temperature to avoid significantly damaging the individual parts of the equipment. Some compressors, especially modern units, come with an after-cooler attached to the system. This feature can help keep the temperature ranges within the air compressor stay well-compressed and modified.


Another factor you need to consider is the maximum flow. This consideration pertains to the highest airflow amount, streaming and running through the refrigerated air dryer. If you’re buying an air dryer in Singapore, ensure that the size works perfectly with your systems. If it is too small, it could possibly damage your dryer and result in significant drops in air pressure.


Like your air receiver tank in Singapore, compressor, and other machines, proper placement with your refrigerated air dryer may also be necessary. Where are you planning to place your air dryer? What is the temperature within the room? If it is too hot, there are high chances of overheating, so place your dryer strategically. If possible, place it somewhere that does not release too much heat to avoid overheating and fire incidents.

These are just some of the many pointers you need to consider and research before making a purchase. Ensure to look for these factors when buying an air dryer in Singapore. The best way to buy high-quality ones is by purchasing from the original manufacturer.

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