5 Best Mortgage Lenders for Self Employed


Buying a home is not a decision to be taken lightly.

It’s a one-time investment to most and involves a lot of money. It doesn’t involve just picking out the dream home in the perfect neighborhood.

It also requires banking with the right mortgage lender who fits your pocket. The decision is even more overwhelming to the self-employed because you have to find someone befitting your employment situation.

Here’s a list of the five best mortgage lenders for self-employed to help you out.

1. Blake Mortgage-Best Overall lender:

Blake Mortgage is a family-owned mortgage company offering clients mortgages with financing options befitting their lifestyle. They offer comprehensive loan services through a smooth and comfortable loan process.

Blake Mortgage is known for its excellent customer service with a staff ready to answer all your queries. It’s because they work with multiple lenders that they can offer their clients outstanding loan and mortgage options.

In short with Blake Mortgage, you can make your loan comparisons at a single point, instead of wasting time with several bankers.

2. Luxury Mortgage- Flexible Requirements:

Luxury Mortgage is known for its flexible requirements, making it easy for most home buyers to get mortgage approval. You can get your loan without any employment or income verification or any minimal DTI.

It’s easier to get approved for their 40-year loan program if you are self-employed and have a minimum credit score of 580.

3. Eave- Optimal Customer Service:

Eave keeps the customer in mind with their loan approval process. You have as much access to their loans as those with traditional brick and mortar jobs have.

As long as you can prove you can afford the house you plan to buy, they work at getting you your digitized mortgage. As long as you are comfortable using a computer, their loan process is a breeze.

Eave offers various loan programs with its highlight feature of a 21-day closing guarantee.

4. Freedom Mortgage- Customized Options:

With Freedom Mortgage serving all 50 states, they make a great lender for those having plans of relocating in the future. You can enjoy benefits like reduced fees for current customers by working with a single lender in various mortgage processes.

Their team of licensed loan officers is always ready to help you with the mortgage process. You can quickly locate a loan officer near you through their web site’s search function or dedicated telephone line.

5. Better.com- Known for Low Rates:

Better.com prefers using technology instead of traditional mortgage lending for their mortgage process. It lets you quickly see and understand their various available loans and rates. You can also easily upload your documents and get estimates online.

They offer fixed rate FHA loans and other loans at fixed and adjustable rates.

Now that you know something about the best mortgage lenders for self-employed in the market today, you are a step nearer to getting your dream home.

It’s left to you to decide who you would like to bank with based on your budget, house, and of course, employment status!

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