CBD Oil Dosage: All You Need to Know


Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the cannabinoids that is normally extracted from the cannabis plant (hemp or marijuana) it has been discovered that CBD can treat a various condition not limited to obesity, depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, both chronic and severe pain, inflammation, and autoimmune infections. This is the main reason why you will find many CBD products on the market. from the fact that most of the companies making these products aren’t regulated, they manufacture CBD oil products with various concentrations which makes it difficult to find the right a standard dose for CBD oil products. Don’t worry, today you will be able to know how much when it come s to CBD dosage.

CBD Dosage: What I must know

Our body reacts differently when it comes to Cannabidiol. That why you should not use a given dosage because your friend has used it. when you use too much CBD, you are likely to interfere with how your body functions. This may cause you pain and suffer rather than relief. And as such, it’s often ideal to focus on the dose you are using. Doctors only recommend a dosage not prescribe implying that there is no standard dose for CBD oil products thus you need to listen to your body every time you use a given diose.

CBD Dosage: Important considerations 

Concentration. Different CBD oil products are manufactured with different concentrations. As a result of this, you should always read the products label to know the amount of Cannabidiol available in the pill, capsule, bottle or CBD oil products you are buying. If a bottle has a concentration of 1200mg and has 50ml, it implies that 1ml (which is the standard serving size) contains 24mg of CBD.

Condition. Chronic pain, anxiety, depression, skin problems, weight management, insomnia among other conditions can be treated using CBD oil. But you cannot use a standard dose in all the cases. Advance cases will require stronger doses of CBD oil as a result, identify the condition you are treating.

Weight. This is another factor you must consider before using CBD oil. It has been identified that people with too much weight may require higher CBD oil dosage for them to feel the effects. unlike those with less weight will require lower doses if they have to feel the effect felt by heavier people.

Tolerance. Our body may react differently when exposed to the equivalent amount of Cannabidiol. When you are used CBD for long, your body will develop tolerance and you will require more doses to get the feeling you used to experience. 

Different ways to consume CBD 

  •   CBD oils

CBD oil is a form of CBD that can be consumed by placing the oil below your tongue using a dropper. Because our oral mucosa is made up of several tiny capillaries, they will absorb the Cannabidiol very quickly.  If you buy CBD oil online that is pure, you will always feel the effect very quickly.

  •   Edibles

Many CBD hemp oil for sale are often sold inform of edibles. This is because they are portable, tasty, affordable and discreet. They are also easy to consume. CBD gummies are chewed and absorbed in your stomach before they can get into your bloodstream. The effect might not be instant but long-lasting.

  •   Capsules and pills

Epidiolex is the only drug containing CBD that has been approved by the FDA. They are used to treat digestive problems and seizures. Compared to other forms of CBD, they may take a considerably longer time to take effect.

  •   Creams and lotions

These are topicals that are infused with Cannabidiol. CBD topical cream is used to treat skin related problems such as psoriasis and eczema. They are also useful for joint and muscle pain. The mode of consumption of CBD topical cream is quite simple. Apply it on your skin like you would be applying your lotion.

  •   Vaping

This has been proven as the fasted way of incorporating CBD in your system. using a vapor pen, you will inhale the vaporized CBD oil. The oil then goes to your lungs where the CBD is directly absorbed into your bloodstream. Proceed with caution if you have a problem with your lungs 

IS CBD legal & should I Consider buying it?

The legal status of CBD is debatable on some factors. Any CBD derived from marijuana is considered illegal at the federal level. However, when CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and its verified that it has less than 0.3% of THC are considered legal in many states. If you find CBD cream for Sale online, try to know your state laws regarding the use of Cannabidiol to avoid breaking state laws. There are so many reasons as to why you should buy CBD oil as we have highlighted them above. 

Where to buy CBD?

Depending on your state laws, you can be able to find CBD oil for pain for sale on dispensaries and local stores. Most companies have online platforms where you can buy CBD oil online. Always look around for CBD cream for Sale or ask your friends.


The dosage you take will determine how well the Cannabidiol oil will work on you. proceeding with caution or asking your doctor will help you get the best dose for your condition without the side effects. never ignore product labels.

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