Over 50% of road accidents are caused by poor quality tyres and this is as a result of bad friction in some tires that are of poor quality to withstand specified road surfaces and long lasting life.

Dubai is the smallest of all seven emirates in the UAE. Aside from the scorching sun, dry atmosphere and hot climate for most times of the year, the road conditions of the city is nothing short world-class standards and using a great tire is just the perfect thing you need.

Tyres are one of the reasons we get to enjoy the comfortable roads of the city. And to ensure we experience this satisfying driving experience, you have to pay the needed attention to the tires that wheel your vehicles.

When thinking of getting new tyres or replacing your old ones before hitting the roads, try checking out some of the cool and reliable tyre shops in the city. The inevitably pops up in mind.

The company has one of the best tire in Dubai and are focused on only original tyres that guarantee 100% efficiency. There are available information of tire details like width, height, and rim properties as well as load baring, power and speed.

To contact Dubai Tyre Shop for a quick purchase and enquiry of quality tyres, dial the following numbers to talk to representatives +971 5562 69517 , +971 54420 4322

This will enable you to schedule a time and location  for delivery of your new tyres with free installation and  fittings in Dubai Tyre Shop centre close to you. Easy and simple!


This is a non-stop platform for obtaining al the most useful and current information you need on Dubai Tyre Shop brands. You are sure to get all the required details of prices, tips and recommendations for the tyres of any model such as Lamborghini, Hyundai, Honda, Mazda ,Toyota, Mesarati, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Peugeot.

This ranges from safety tips, tire sizes, recommendations and car guides. You will also be treated to best ways in purchasing a set or two for your car today.

There is a wide range of car tyres which can be easily accessed online. You can also learn about the fast and efficient customer services to give you all the information you need.

Below are some of the major brands available at Dubai Tyre Shop.







Good Year





There is a special basis on maximising quality and trust as these tyres are been tested in standard centres after manufacturing to ensure buyers are been offered world class services.

Dubai Tyre Shop are well known for treating costumers to excellent and reliable service. There is an available 45-day warrantyfor unforeseen circumstances or any case, after purchase and wish to return for a refund.

For more information and guidelines about caring for your tyres, visit Dubai tyre shop blog and turn your driving exp

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