Outdoor pool party dress code for Capricorn adults and kids 


Follow Outdoor pool party dress code for Capricorn adults and kids to tell the guests you are aware of the rules and like to abide by them. The outfit should be trendy and impressive. Forget about baggy shirts; lose trousers, basketball shorts or athletic costumes. It’s good to wear proper swim clothes. Because, you have to play and dive in water, wear clothes that are perfect for swimming. These should be comfortable, stretchable and suitable for water activities. Besides, these should be beautiful and stylish. 

The most important thing is that, they should be appropriate according to weather conditions and suit you. In summer, soft and thin cotton is usually preferred while in cold days, suede, velvet, wool and other warm fabric is used. The security at most parties verifies that all guests are wearing pool clothes. To be safe, its recommended to put on swimming trunks, board shorts, beautiful T-shirts and water proof shoes. In some areas, white T-shirts may not be allowed. Its good to get complete information before joining the event. 

For your convenience and information outdoor pool party dress code for Capricorn adults and kids is mentioned below:

#1 Things to avoid

There are many things you should avoid while going to the party. These are dress shorts, jeans, gym shorts, sweat pants, wife beaters, tank tops and so on. Other items are prescription drugs, gum, water bottles, backpack and eye drops.

#2 For girls and women

It’s recommended to pick the right swimsuit which is comfortable and attractive to look at. Whether it’s a one-piece or a bikini, wear a suit that is comfortable and easy to carry in the water. Buy a swimsuit that speaks about your taste and style. Animal print like leopard bikini is an awesome idea for an impressive style. Fringe is suitable for hippy girls.

#3 Shoes

Avoid tennis shoes or casual loafers because they are not good for the water parties. Choose nice sandals. They should have a nice grip and should not sip or slid around the pool as you walk. Wedge heel is also risky. Avoid wearing it because it may look beautiful but is not practical for such events. Platform sandals are better and sturdy. Sandal with straps and flat heel is the perfect footwear because it’s easy to put on and off. If you are wearing black suit and sundress, strappy sands having rhinestone embellishment is perfect.

#4 Add layers

Outdoor pool party dress code for Capricorn adults and kids is easy to follow because it offers many benefits. Adding layers in outfit can help get protections against the sun. It will also keep the body covered especially those areas you are conscious about. It can be a bloated tummy, heavy hips and thighs or biceps with stretch marks. The clothes must be lightweight and quick to dry after diving. 

Same ideas apply for kids for their clothes and shoes. Their dresses have cartoon images and floral patterns that are more childish.

#5 Dress styles

Put on a nice and comfortable swimsuit. Then, wear maxi or sarong with floral design all over. For a casual look, a cotton T-shirt can be the best option. Kaftan is another stylish addition which is popular too. Choose a see-through fabric to become sexy and attractive. Jacket-style kaftan that opens in the front is more chic. Go for it if it’s available. Wear colorful dresses with bold motif and patterns for attention-grabbing style. Avoid dark colors and jeans.

#6 Style hair nicely

Hairstyles have a deep impact upon your look and dress. A stylish hair cut can change an ordinary appearance instantly. So, be careful with the style of your hair and follow it as outdoor pool party dress code for Capricorns. IT should suit your face and easy to carry on while diving in water. Beach waves are awesome for such events. These are like lose curls all over the locks that fall below the shoulders. Lose braid is another style that is decent.

#7 Accessorize sensibly

Wear a cool stylish hat which will add to your appearance and also serve the purpose of protection against the sun. Decorate with a few jewelry pieces for making it more beautiful. Don’t put too many embellishments because they will add to the weight and cause discomfort during swimming.

#8 Sunscreen

Because, you are going to expose your skin to the damaging UV sun rays, it’s important to apply sun screen lotion. This will protect from the sun while keeping the skin safe and healthy. Choose an SPF 30 and avoid SPF 15, 40 and 60.

#9 Sunglasses

Outdoor parties can cause the eyes to shrink and let you feel discomfort. To combat the issue, wear designer sun glasses. These days, cat eye frame is popular. Round shaped lenses are also trendy. Choose one that suits your face. Swimming goggles are another important accessory.

#10 Appropriate makeup

Apply water proof liner, mascara, lip color and foundation. Water can fade away the colors on your face making your look like a clown. So, choose a high-quality cosmetics brand. 

Outdoor pool party dress code for Capricorns is good to follow for an exciting experience. 

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