Andar Bahar. Learn to play in minutes!


Andar Bahar is one of the most widely played card games on various betting sites in India. It is also called Katti. It is a game that involves luck, instinct and judgement. A single deck of 52 cards is used. In the Andar Bahar card game, as the name suggests, cards are dealt out and placed left and right. Andar refers to left and Bahar to right. The player needs to guess which side the card he selected will appear.  The probability of a win or a loss is exactly 50:50. Simple and straight forward, isn’t it?

 Andar Bahar Rules

The player has 2 choices – He can go with the left side of the table (Andar) or the right side of the table (Bahar). Next, dealing out the 13 cards happen, from which each player has to choose a single card.  The player also also has to use his instinct and decide – on which side his selected card selected will turn up.

 Andar Bahar – Placing the bet

After the card selection, the player has to commit to a bet. At the dealer’s request, players place their bets and after that, they select a card from the deck. It is the dealer’s turn to act again. He deals the cards on both sides following the same rule – once on the left (Andar), once on the right (Bahar). If any of these cards is the same number which the player has selected, the Andar Bahar game ends. But ot is on the same side the player has selected, the player wins. If it is on the other side, then the dealer wins.

 How cards are dealt

There are a certain set of rules related to dealing of cards. For example, if the first card has a black colour, (Clover or Spades) then it is placed on the left. If the card has a red colour (Diamonds or Hearts), it goes straight to the right side. The right to decide the bet also belongs to the player and not the dealer in some rounds.

 How to make the Betting amount bigger

Sometimes, the players can feel more lucky during the game. In that case, they can up the stakes immediately. They can make the betting amount bigger. How exactly? All they need to do is click on a chop whose value is higher. This has to be followed by clicking on the desired card.

 Actual payouts

If the winning card turns up on the same side of the table where the first card was dealt, the player wins 90%. If he had bet Rs. 1000, he will win Rs. 1900. But if the winning card turns up on the other side, the player wins 100%. So he will get Rs. 2000.