Alternative Income Sources During This Pandemic and the Need to Work With a Virginia SEO Company if You Plan to Start an Online Business 


Unfortunately, millions of jobs got lost because of this pandemic. Lockdown orders are everywhere to prevent the spread of the virus. Although they’re effective in containing the pandemic if badly hurt the economy. If you’re among those who lost a job due to businesses’ closure, it’s not yet over. You can look for alternative income sources. Many people decided to use social media to sell items. Since everyone is buying things online, you can also seize the opportunity. In doing so, the Virginia SEO Company might be of help. If you have a website, it will make the business look more legitimate. It’s even better if you implement SEO strategies to guarantee the popularity of the business.

It takes time for the online store to take off, but it will eventually succeed. Once you maintain a loyal customer base and tell others about your store, your potential profits will probably increase. Apart from running an online store, there are other ways to earn money during this difficult time.

Online writing

If you have excellent online writing skills, you can use them to make money. Plenty of writing jobs are available. If you’re willing to research and you have a good grasp of grammatical rules, you can make a living out of online writing. Some companies hire ghostwriters to write positive information about them. Whether it’s writing a review promotion of products, online writing jobs are popular. If you can write well, this is an excellent opportunity to make money.


Since social media sites like YouTube and Facebook started paying dividends to popular vloggers, vlogging has become an income source. The amount depends on the subscribers you have and the number of views per video uploaded. It could take a while before your channel gets monetized, though. Once you reach that stage, it can be an excellent money-making machine.

The problem is that there are already plenty of vloggers out there. You need to find a way to stand out. Look for interesting content that you’re passionate about. You can share whatever specialized knowledge you have. If you possess unique personal qualities, you can use them too. It takes time before you can build a base of followers. Once you do, you still have to find a way to maintain interest in your channel. It seems easy to record yourself and make a vlog, but it isn’t. Add to that the possibility of becoming an instant celebrity, and losing your privacy in the process.


Homeschooling is becoming the norm these days. Schools couldn’t operate because of the threat of the virus. Since children are more vulnerable, most governments don’t allow schools to reopen. It’s a significant adjustment among students, but it’s the only way to keep the learning going. If your patient in teaching children, you can use this opportunity to make money. You can be a freelance tutor. Find a subject that you are confident about, and advertise your services online. Given the new teaching platform, several teachers have a hard time coping up. Some students are even left out because of the difficulty of online teaching. Hands, parents are finding ways to guarantee that their children aren’t left behind. Hiring private tutors is becoming more popular these days, and you should make the most of it.

Answering Surveys

Companies know more about what their customers think based on survey results. It’s the reason why these companies heavily invest in surveys. They need to know what their customers feel so that necessary changes can be made. It’s also a way of enticing potential customers to buy the products. If you have free time to answer survey questions, this is an income opportunity for you. Some companies are even willing to send free samples for you to try before you answer questions. You may also take part in focus group discussions. You will be given more specific questions and be in a table with other people. The only downside is that this isn’t a huge income source. The amount per survey answered is relatively low. However, if you’re already okay with freebies and you have free time to offer, you can give it a try.

Web design

Many aspiring entrepreneurs need to start a website. It’s the best way to spread information to others about what the business is about. The problem is that they don’t know how to create and design a website. If you have specialized skills in this area, it’s a good opportunity to make money. Even big companies are searching for freelance web designers. If you understand the principles of web designs, you can do this job. You don’t even have to leave home to work. It’s suitable for the current setup.

Photo editing 

Although you might not get paid as high as web designing services, you can still make money from photo editing. The photos are used for advertising campaigns and many others. However, you need to have more advanced skills. It’s not enough to know the basics of editing. You should prove that you’re capable of doing more serious editing techniques and have a perfect photo as a result.

These options indicate that there’s no excuse for not making money today. Even if we face a terrible situation, you can still have an income. Don’t wait until you find a regular day job. There’s also no need for things to get back to normal before trying to work again. Even at home, you can make money. As long as you have a stable internet connection, there are plenty of choices for you. Keep trying and see which one fits. You will eventually find a good-paying job that will help you survive this challenging time. You can even forget about getting a full-time job if your newly found career is good enough. Enjoy it and improve yourself so you can find more job opportunities.

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