Ecommerce: Trending methods


The digital era is taking Ecommerce to the next level. Mere buying and selling is outdated. Online shopping trends and the availability of doorstep deliveries are creating this large market for E-commerce.

Use of mobile phones has increased dramatically these days. Thus it created a momentum in the online markets. Moreover the use of electronic fund transfers and online payment methods made the hectic purchases a lot easier.

Especially for people who are working or have no time for queues or lengthy waiting periods. People depend upon digital methods for buying and selling, but for that, you must consider an engaging web design.

Not only did this make the shopping part easier, it made the sales and marketing methods a lot more dynamic.  This market boom is creating new opportunities for creative minds.

Ecommerce and Brands

“Ecommerce isn’t the cherry on the cake, it’s the new cake” – Jean Paul, L’Oreal

Just like Jean Paul mentioned, this is a piece of cake. Ecommerce has won the industry with the development of SaaS hosts. Just like a company owns a website, any company that has a brand, should set up an ecommerce site. This will be the key formula of elevated profits for your business. Here you only have to stock up products as per the customer orders. This saves the cost of stockpiling and inventory storage costs.

Certain factors to be noted while setting up an E-commerce website:

Effective communication is the best part. The customers or visitors need to get their orders fulfilled on time. Recurring heads up is necessary for every transaction and every visit going on through the E-commerce site.

Feedbacks and other responses are a great way to enhance the improved services.  The problems that a customer faces in such sites should be monitored and resolved on priority basis. Major factors such as designs and SEO contents, competitor analysis tools are of utmost importance.

The bad ranking which the users give is where you find the source of improving yourself.

“By 2020, brick and mortar retail spaces will be little more than showrooms” – this is what the CEO of Big Commerce said once. This reflects the highly competitive online markets and the AI automated bots.

According to the latest reports from the global markets, almost a quarter of Czech Republic’s total turnover was generated via online channels.

One of the biggest powers in the world, China, has proven records in the Ecommerce sector. With the help of digital commerce, Logistics and supply chain companies have benefitted along with. For example Amazon and Alibaba’s fulfillment sites have crossed the record in E-Commerce.

Newest Trends on E-Commerce

Undoubtedly, ecommerce has been growing since the last two decades. Even though the 2020 pandemic has an impact in the industry, 2021 is forecasted to be one of the thriving years for E-Commerce.

Usually the trends depend upon how the customers shop. Their taste and style are going to create an impact in the upcoming trends. The colors they choose, seasonal items related to Christmas and occasional products, the materials they prefer, all these contribute to the forecasted trends of the year 2021.

E-Commerce will only get wider and expanded post covid-19. People were sitting home, enjoying the homely atmosphere. So they tend to develop and adapt the habit they have been in for such a long time. Hence the online purchases have more scope than any showroom purchases.

“ – As of mid-April, revenue growth has increased by 68 percent on a year over year basis, and there’s been a 129 percent year over year growth in US and Canadian ecommerce orders. Conversion rates have also increased to almost 8.8 percent, primarily due to the stay at home orders affecting a vast majority of the population”. – Cloud ways reports.

Advertising and E-Commerce marketing

Advertisement has a prominent role in the E-commerce industry. It gains more active users and engagements. Social Medias are one of the best ways to do this.

“By the end of 2019, the global ecommerce market had sales reaching $3.5 trillion and represented 14% of the total share of global retail sales” – According to data from Statista.

The cooperation among websites and social media platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, has proved their ways to efficient marketing campaigns. Voice assisted searches have also been increasing these days.

Since people are spending more time on social media during their idle times, they are the most cost effective way to increase sales. Rather than traditional methods like cold calling and cold emails, nowadays personalized contents are more popular in social media ad campaigns.

Shipping and Delivery: Via Drones and AI

So here comes the most vital part in the E-Commerce industry. Without the shipping and proper delivery part, no online shopping ventures can survive. An effective supply chain management is also a winning formula.

Of course, the Covid-19 situations led to a pause in the travel and shipping activities. But still the economy has started to raise, so as the E-Commerce industry.

One of the modern trends include delivering by drones and other automated robots. Chat bots and other personal assistant Bot services provide user friendly experience for the potential customers.

Amazon has already tested its drone deliveries in the US. The airway is the shortest distance to reach the destination. Hence with the help of Google Maps, the task becomes much easier! Well thanks to the technological advancement! E-Commerce has made an impactful revolution in history with automation and digitalization.

Limited time offers and discounts are the factors which attract massive buyers. The reason behind this is a little human psychology. The time limit and the rush create an urge to buy the things before they end. Thus people tend to buy sooner.

The Big Data plays a major role in developing contents. The advanced AI technologies and Mobile friendly applications are definitely going to make a leap. Leading investors and market analysts are taking advantage of the most modern perks of AI. The robotic future is definitely more than what we have forecasted.

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