All About Industrial Fencing


Industrial fencing provides a variety of different types of gates, chain wire fencing, security fencing, temporary fencing and even handrails. These fences can provide temporary or permanent types of fencing, all depending on what the customer wants. Some even have flexible permanence in case if the client changes their mind later to remove the fence. Some of these open manually or automatically by either swinging or sliding them, or maybe even both. Some of the companies providing these usually take care to provide all the systems along with the gate.

  • Companies Manufacturing Their Own Gates: The best companies manufacture their own gates and provide much better ones than others able to. So, if possible, go for those companies manufacturing their gates. They also provide all the automatic facilities that come along with the gates.
  • The Life Of A Steel Gate: Steel gates have a varying life span depending on the quality of materials used to make them. A hollow steel gate could last up to 20 years. But an aluminium tubular, cast iron gate that is a solid metal can last a lifetime easily. If they plan to keep a gate around for a lifetime, they should invest in it and get a strong, long-lasting one permanently. On the other hand, they could go for cheaper ones if it’s temporary.
  • Time Taken For Installation: The usual time taken by good companies is about 2 to 3 weeks to get the installation of the gate done. If one plans a DIV installation instead, it may take longer as per how the tasks are done and the pace at which it is done. If one doesn’t have any experience in the installation of gates, it is better to ask a professional to handle it.
  • Anti Climb Factor: If one is looking for very secure fencing, there are ones with an anti-climb factor. This, as the name suggests, is to prevent people from climbing over the fence. Those tall ones with lesser grids and more vertical lines have that factor. These gates also offer a polished and slick look that scare potential trespassers away by thinking that the security is tight, even if it isn’t.
  • Functionality And Form: Security gates are not only good at keeping away trespassing thieves but also have a slick look. These metal gates have a beautiful aesthetical look to them too. They often give one the feeling of there being good security and order around. And its sturdy look enhances that of the place as well.
  • Maintainable Required For Steel Gates: Maintainable is usually not required to be done often for steel gates. It can be cleaned occasionally with soap and water to remove dirt, leaves, soil, and chemical debris. What one needs to look out for is chips in the gates coating. This needs to be fixed immediately.
  • On the area, sand or wire brushes are used. Then one must use a rust-inhibiting primer. And lastly, one should apply a coating of enamel paint. This is all done to prevent rusting or corroding of the metal fencing.

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