Top 10 Tricks Your Dog Can Learn at Any Age


Dogs are very intelligent animals, and they can usually learn tricks at any age. Teaching your dog to do tricks that involve a verbal command is an easy way to strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend. In this blog post, we will give you 10 different commands that your dog can learn at any age!

Why Train My Dog?

You might be asking yourself, “why should I train my dog to do commands?” The commands themselves aren’t that important, but in general, training your dog is a great way to strengthen the bond you share with them. Learning commands helps reinforce positive behaviors and can help teach certain boundaries in their home environment.

Learning tricks that involve verbal commands is an easy way for your pet to learn what you want them to do when they hear those words! It’s rewarding because it shows that you and your dog are really connected. Not only do you get to snuggle up with your dog, but you too can “speak a common language.” Your dog knows what you want when you command them, and you can trust them to perform well in different situations.

How To Train Your Dog

Here are a couple of tips for when you start training your dog to do commands:

  • Keep training sessions short, only about 5-10 minutes.
  • Be sure training sessions take place in a quiet area where your dog can focus on you.
  • Dogs’ minds work best when they are given a task or two at one time; don’t overwhelm them by giving too many commands all at once.
  • Use treats as an incentive to encourage your dog to be on its best behavior.

Top 10 Tricks Your Dog Can Learn at Any Age

Now that we’ve gotten some tips out of the way, let’s get into the tricks. Some of these tricks are vital in helping control your dog’s behavior, while others are just fun. Pick your favorite or try them all! Here are the top ten tricks you can teach your dog.


This is one of the essential commands for your dog to learn, and it will make them easier to handle in uncertain situations. Start by holding a treat close to your dog’s nose, then use the command “sit” as you move it above and behind their head. Give them a couple of seconds to comply, then praise with plenty of treats when they do so successfully. Continue trying to have your dog do this trick in short sessions and they’ll get it in no time.


Once you’ve gotten your dog to sit reliably, you can take it a step further. Down gets your dog all the way to the ground, so it can be great at managing their behavior.

Take a treat in your hand and hold it out to your dog’s nose. Hold the treat up and back, then use the command “down” as you bring it down in front of them. Slowly lower your hand towards the ground until they’re lying on their stomach with their head facing you. Give plenty of praise when they comply.


Once your dog has mastered “sit,” ask them to stay. To begin, have your dog sit and give them a treat. When they’re in the sitting position, tell them “stay” and walk away from them. Keep walking until you get far enough that your dog starts to follow you or gets up. At this point, turn around quickly and go back towards your dog while giving praise for staying put when told to do so.


Start to teach this command by attaching a leash to your dog. Stand as far from your dog as the leash will allow. When your dog starts to come towards you, say “come” and give them a treat. If your dog doesn’t automatically start coming toward you, give them a gentle tug, then reward them when they approach you.


This is a great trick to get someone’s attention. Dogs will usually not want to have their paws touched, so it’s also a great trick to get them used to others touching their paws.

Start by having your dog sit. Gently grab their paw and shake it in front of their face. After about two seconds, give them a treat. Once they get used to you touching their paws, start shaking one foot at a time while praising them.

Go To Bed

Going to bed is a great trick for when your dog gets overly excited. It gives them a safe space for them to relax. To start teaching them to go to bed, start by having them lay on their bed. Say the word “bed” and gently push them onto it with your hand. Once they are laying in bed, say “bed” again and treat them.

Drop It

Drop It can be a very useful command if your dog has gotten something dangerous or valuable. To teach this trick, start with two of the same toys and your dog in a sitting position. Tell your dog to “drop it” and give them the second toy when they do. You are teaching them the command and rewarding them at the same time.

Take It

This command is not as useful as some of the others, but it’s still fun to know. Give your dog a toy and tell them “take it.” When they do take the toy, reward them with a treat.


This is a great trick to teach your dog self-discipline. Start by putting your dog on a leash and place a treat on the floor out of view. Take your dog near the treat, and as soon as they start heading toward it say “no” and back away. Reward your dog every time they don’t take the treat.


Speak is another fun command to teach your dog. Watch your dog and then tell them to “speak” just as they are about to bark. When they do, reward with a treat or praise. It can be difficult to get the timing right, but it’s still a fun trick to teach. It can help you locate your dog if they have gotten away from you.

Training Can Be Fun & Rewarding

Hopefully, this list of tricks to teach your dog at any age has inspired you. Remember that all dogs are different and have their own strengths. Try to find a trick you think your dog would enjoy the most, but don’t be afraid to try new things with them either!