The phantom 4 Multispectral consolidates capturing knowledge to administer your insight into crop health and vegetation management. DJI has created this platform with constant powerful performance standards that DJI is understood for. Thence the twenty-seven minute’s liquid ecstasy flight time and up to seven metric linear unit transmission vary with the OcuSync system.

INTEGRATED SPECTRAL daylight detector FOR correct RESULTS

An integrated spectral daylight detector on high of the drone captures star irradiance. As a result, you get the most accuracy and consistency of knowledge, despite the time of day. Once combined with post-processed knowledge, this data helps to get the foremost correct NDVI results.


Simply having aerial mental imagery isn’t enough for conductor professionals UN agency need to understand a lot of. You’ll switch between a preliminary NDVI analysis and therefore the live RGB feed to examine wherever you would like attention. Therefore, you’ll build targeted treatment choices quickly.


Get period of time, correct positioning knowledge on pictures captured by all six cameras because of DJI’s Time Sync system. In effect, this proves centimeter-level correct measurements within the phantom 4 Multispectral. The Time Sync system frequently aligns the flight controller, RGB and NB cameras, and RTK module. Consequently, it fixes the positioning knowledge to the center of the CMOS. Therefore, every pic uses the foremost correct data. All cameras undergo a rigorous standardization method wherever we tend to live radial and tangential lens distortions. Then the camera saves distortion parameters gathered into every image’s data. For this reason, the post-processing computer code will change unambiguously for each user.


CAPTURE knowledge

Collect multispectral pictures with efficiency across an outsized space because of the employment of the P4 Multispectral. This then permits you to realize an outline of drawback areas.

ANALYZE knowledge

Easily access and method aerial knowledge by applying plant-specific metrics and parameters to accumulate the specified results on plant health.

ACT ON knowledge

Implement targeted treatments, especially on areas that require attention supported correct drone knowledge.


Throughout all growing seasons, the phantom 4 Multispectral mental imagery will be useful to conductor professionals as a result of it provides data invisible to the human. Having access to the current knowledge and therefore, the later obtained Vegetation Index, farmers will build timely, wise to choices on crop treatment. Therefore, lowering prices, saving resources, and increasing yields.

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