7 Tips for Keeping Belongings Well in Storage Units


You can rent or hire storage solutions all over Singapore for long and short periods. However, it is crucial to remember that items and possessions may require special care and treatment to preserve their pristine conditions for extended periods. You should properly prepare your items and possessions for long-term storage if you want to rent a storage unit for a few years to store home, company, or student materials. Here are some tips to keep your items in tip-top shape while in storage.

#1 Ensure All are Clean & Dry

Keeping all items clean and dry is likely one of the most crucial hints when storing belongings in storage units for an extended period. Food remains, filth, muck, or hair on items might attract bugs. Clean each item accordingly. Allow enough time for the item to dry if you cleaned it with water or a solution before storing it.

#2 Steer Clear of Plastics

Plastic bags are inexpensive and can store a lot of stuff. Nevertheless, they are not a wise solution for long-term storage at a reputable Singapore facility. Plastic can not breathe and can readily collect moisture. It can cause your belongings to deteriorate.

#3 Practice Labelling Your Boxes

Ensure to tag the outside of your boxes. Put a list of its contents before putting it in a storage facility in Singapore. Labelling the exterior of your containers will also save you from having to search through each one to find a specific item.

#4 Compile an Inventory List

You won’t be accessing your storage unit very often. Hence, consider making an inventory list of the contents inside the storage units. It will let you know what is inside each box or container. You may quickly look at your inventory list to verify if you placed the item in there whenever you cannot find something.

#5 Seal Everything Well

Seal all the boxes with high-quality packing tape before putting them inside storage at a reputable Singapore facility. Dirt and dust may get inside if the cartons are not tightly sealed.

#6 Cover Your Furniture

Cover each piece of furniture with a sheet when placing it inside a storage facility in Singapore. It will prevent dust from gathering on it as time passes. It is the ideal practice for keeping leather, hardwood, or fabric furniture in its best shape.

#7 Avoid Abandoning Your Unit

The worst error you can make while keeping belongings for an extended period is to place them in storage units and never check on them again until it’s time to move out. It is critical to resolving issues with your items and belongings as soon as possible. Moreover, checking on your storage unit can alert you to any problems as soon as they arise.

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