Seven Tips For Being A Successful Interior Decorator


If you have made up your mind to become an interior decorator, now it’s time to know what the career path entails. When people hear of an interior decorator, the first thing that hits their minds is rearranging furniture and picking out charming fabrics. However, it is imperative to note that there is more than arranging furniture. An interior decorator advises homeowners on items that fit their budget, and they may deal with cabinet spacing and making a presentation before an architectural review board, among others.

Here are tips for becoming a renowned interior decorator:

  1. They should start with what they have and where they are

Aspiring designers should not wait to have a certain amount of money so that they can pursue their dream. They should start with networking with neighbors, friends, civil organizations, relatives, local businesses, neighborhood associations, and organizations. In addition, an aspiring designer should consider attending local trade shows to meet new people in the industry. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool.

  1. They should build portfolio and network

Those aspiring to become interior decorators should know that the field has stiff competition. However, they should not fear competition; instead, they should work hard and advertise their skills. The first step is to identify what clients and what competitors are providing. With this crucial information, they can fine-tune their business and make it visible to potential clients. They should create a detailed portfolio of their designs and showcase them to prospects. Additionally, upcoming interior decorators should ask satisfied customers to recommend their work to colleagues, friends, and family.

  1. Believe in yourself

In anything you do, it is paramount to believe in yourself. They have to believe that they are the best fit in the industry. If they love designing things, they should strive to nurture their talent. If possible, they should pursue a degree or diploma in interior design to gain more knowledge. If they spend time doing it repeatedly, they will eventually make it.

  1. Build networks with other decorators

As said earlier, the field is experiencing heightened competition. Therefore, an upcoming designer should look for a role model who is excelling in the field. A role model will advise them and share critical information in the field. Amazingly, there is always a bunch of people who are ready and willing to nurture others.

  1. Meet local suppliers

It is prudent to build robust work relationships with people offering complimentary services. An Arlington interior decorator should meet manufacturers and carriers of furniture, flooring materials, tiles, fabrics, and wall covering, to mention a few. Also, they should meet subcontractors and contractors who do brickwork, painting, plumbing, and electrical work.

  1. Practice, even if it’s not paying

If he wants to make it in the highly competitive field, practice is not a choice. They should liaise with retail home stores to see how it is done and build rapport with clientele. They can also meet new clients by accompanying a local painter to a job site. An internship exposes a young interior decorator to the real world and helps nurture his talent. Additionally, working with a team will help them understand seasonality and learn essential skills that will keep them on top.

  1. Take time with color

According to an Arlington interior decorator, upcoming designers should not rush when making decisions about color. They should try color in a small space to avoid wastage. Besides, they should look at the color at a different time of the day to make sure that the final decision is impressive.

Besides practicing and networking, young interior decorators should stay up to date with current interior trends. The realm is continually evolving, and the only way to remain competitive is by attending home, and market shows, following color trends, and reading trade magazines.


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