5 Things You Should Know To Start Designing & Renovating Like A Pro!


Anyone who has gone through the experience of working with renovation projects would often describe it as ‘intricate’, ‘challenging’ and ‘overwhelming’. Hiring an interior design firm or renovation group requires investment, and picking designs demands strategies. While home condo renovation projects are not simple tasks, it can be possible to attain an ideal home makeover by following interior design advice from the pros and creating strategies.

Here are some tips to consider for renovating and designing your home condo like a pro!

Know the principles of designs.

When it comes to the professionals of home interior design in Singapore, it’s crucial to know the principles of design to ascertain the best actions to transform any space. You know a well-designed room at a glance but discovering the secrets of creating one is a recipe for transforming any space into a pleasing and stunning environment. Principles such as balance, emphasis, proportion, harmony, contrast and details are crucial to learning.

Have a plan ahead.

Behind every portfolio about condo renovation in Singapore is a laborious and carefully crafted plan. Having a plan and laying them out ahead will ensure that delays are unlikely to occur, from material selections to determining the overall cost.

Know the limitations.

Being pragmatic is a remarkable characteristic of designing a space. Every fascinating and inspiring condo interior design in Singapore has a limitation behind it – and knowing what you can and can’t do is something you should apply. Know the limits first before you start falling in love with design ideas.

Start organising and decluttering.

Executing HDB renovation ideas or designs goes more than just rearranging and replacing everything. Renovation is a perfect opportunity to get everything in your home organised and remove everything unwanted.

Have a renovation-free zone.

Whether you’re opting for a living, bedroom or kitchen renovation in Singapore, have a dedicated renovation-free zone. Having a functional space provides an off-limit ‘escape’ room where you can relax and spend time on your own or with your family.

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