7 Myths About Modular Homes You Shouldn’t Believe


This article will help you if you have ever considered buying a modular home but are hesitant because of the negative comments about prefabricated homes. You should not believe seven myths if your goal is to buy a modular home.

Myth 1: Modular homes don’t have high quality and won’t last

This misconception is most prevalent about modular homes. Modular homes are constructed in a controlled environment, adhering to strict building codes and guidelines. It makes them more durable.

Myth 2: They all look identical.

Contrary to popular belief, Oregon prefab homes can be customized to fit one’s lifestyle and needs.

Myth 3: They are equal to manufactured or mobile homes

It is vital to know the differences between a modular house and a mobile home to dispel the myth. A modular home conforms to building codes and can be built for durability and stability.

Myth 4: Modular Homes mostly reduced over time.

Arizona prefab homes are an excellent investment, and they can last a lifetime if kept in good condition.

Myth 5: Modular homes are only temporary

Modular homes are more than temporary housing. Modular homes can be made as little as 8-12 weeks and still provide permanent, comfortable, high-quality housing.

Myth 6: Modular homes cost almost cheap

Modular homes are expensive and can run into the thousands. How many houses buyers choose will affect how much they spend? Modular homes can be 10% to 30% less expensive than traditional homes.

Myth 7: Modular homes are difficult to finance

Modular homes are easy to finance, even though they require the exact financing requirements as stick-built homes. This allows for lower interest rates and faster payments.

Check out this infographic to know more about modular homes.
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