7 Toxic Myths About Modular Homes You Should Not Believe


Have you ever considered having a modular home as an investment but something or someone held you back because of the stigma people placed on their appearance, quality, and value? Well, let this article help you rethink and debunk the myths about prefabricated homes.

Myth 1: Low quality and do not last long

Modular homes are always processed in a well-controlled environment that makes them durable. So, the misconception that modular homes are made of low-quality is false.

Myth 2: Modular homes all look the same

People who look only at the surface do not know that North Carolina prefab homes are highly customizable. Suppose you see modular homes offered by companies to have standard designs. In that case, it’s just a typical operating procedure, but homebuyers can tweak floor plans, fixtures, or whatever is in it to suit their needs.

Myth 3: They are the same as mobile or manufactured homes

Modular homes conform to building codes to ensure that they are durable and stable, unlike mobile homes meant to be transported from one place to another, and manufactured homes built in the 1970s without emphasis on building standards.

Myth 4: Modular homes mostly depreciate over time

No, Ohio prefab homes don’t significantly depreciate when it’s features and condition are well maintained.

Myth 5: They’re a quick temporary housing fix

The 8-12 weeks of building time isn’t a quick fix as they are still built with high quality.

Continue reading about myths 6 and 7 about modular homes through this infographic.

Ohio prefab homes

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