The real reason for hiring a Fort Wayne car accident lawyer


Motor vehicle accidents and crashes are unfortunate, but are reported every now and then in Indiana. After an unexpected car accident, you may find yourself dealing with many things at the same time. Indiana is an at-fault state, so to seek compensation for your damages and losses, you need to file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurer. If filing an insurance claim is so easy, why would you hire a Fort Wayne car accident lawyer? Here are some quick things to know.

Because car accidents are complicated

That’s one of the key things that any person involved in a car accident needs to know. Indiana follows the modified comparative negligence rule. This means that a person can file for compensation, even when they have part role in causing the accident. However, if your share of fault is more than 50%, you cannot recover anything. And yes, your share of settlement will be reduced by your percentage of fault. Expectedly, drivers often blame one another for a car accident. If you don’t want to get blamed for the accident, or lose out on your rights, you should hire an attorney. 

Because you don’t have time

The statute of limitations in Indiana allows one to file personal injury lawsuits within two years, from the accident date. After you file for compensation claim with the at-fault party’s insurer, you have to wait to see if your claim is being accepted. If your claim is denied, or the claims adjuster makes an offer too low to be accepted, you won’t have a lot of time to file a lawsuit. When you hire a personal injury attorney in Fort Wayne for your case, you can expect them to prep for the worst-case scenario. They know what it takes to negotiate with the insurance company and when to take the matter to trial. 

Because expertise counts

Let’s not forget that car accident laws are complicated. If the accident involved a government employee on duty, or a commercial truck, you may have to deal with thing differently. You need an attorney, who knows everything about such car accident claims and lawsuits, and they can ensure that you don’t make any mistake in pursuing the case.  Your lawyer is also in charge of managing all paperwork and documents.   

Check online for top car accident lawyers in Indiana. In your best interests, consider meeting a lawyer immediately after the accident.