Sumo Entertainment JD3- 3 Invaluable Tools Every Director Should Have on Set


According to Sumo Entertainment JD3, these five tools are must haves for any director. It’s not uncommon for directors to come to set (especially if they are newbies) unprepared and without the right equipment. Successful directors engage with their crew and take full advantage of the equipment they may have available. Here are the tools needed to be more effective on set:

Directors Viewfinder- A lot of time can be wasted on set with poorly planned block and camera placements. Director’s viewfinders will emulate the aspect ratio of your format and length of the lens. This will allow you to get a look at how each scene will look through different angles without having to move the camera.

Light Meter- Whether you are an extremely talented cinematographer or not, it is recommended to use a light meter on set. A light meter will help streamline your own process. This tool will allow the director to check for contrast ratios and exposure values.

Wireless Monitor- You don’t want to keep having to look over your DP’s shoulder to view the camera’s monitor. A wireless monitor will allow the film director to watch a scene in progress without having to stand in the way of the crew.

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