The Challenges of Finding Solar Leads, & How to Approach Them More Effectively


Recent research by Pew Research Centre shows that almost 46 percent of American households are thinking of using solar energy as their main source of power. This means more business for solar companies soon.  Several solar companies have been relying on online solar leads as a means to boost their sales. However, there have been some challenges associated with solar leads that have led many companies out of business.

The Challenges of Finding Solar Leads

Finding quality and reliable solar leads for your company can prove challenging at times. Several businesses have made huge losses due to challenges like:

      1.Shared Leads

At times you can contract the best quality lead provider in the market with all the reliable leads and quality data. However, this lead provider can be working with several other solar companies all at once providing them with the same data as you. This can be a good thing if you are on their list as the first dialer but it is fatal for your business if become the third or last dialer. This means that you will contact the lead after other companies have already contacted them and probably sealed the business. In the worst-case scenario, the lead will ignore your calls.      

      2.Lack of Brand Recognition

This challenge faces mainly new businesses. The lead you have been provided with has no idea of who you are or the reputation of your company. It will be hard for the homeowner to trust you. You might also catch them off guard and they rush to say no to your proposal.

      3.At Times Solar Leads Are Based on Quantity Not Quality 

A lead generation company is like every other company in the market, they run by their sales.  Lead providing companies to get their profit based on the number of solar leads they can provide to solar companies. At times they might generate so many solar leads, most of which are not potential clients. Contacting these people leads to loss of time and money and at times bad reputation from the public.      

How to Approach Online Solar Leads Effectively

Facing these challenges does not mean the end of the world for your business. This means your business is like every other; it faces its ups and downs. Below are ways you can approach solar leads effectively;

      1.Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing uses social media, blogs, and websites as a means of marketing and drawing more sales.  This mode of marketing is not costly since you are using free mediums like Facebook and LinkedIn to endorse your business. It is also more trustworthy since you will be contacting homeowners who have shown interest in the products and services that you offer.

      2.Grassroots Marketing 

This mode of marketing is amongst the easiest and best ways to generate new leads and sales. Your current customers will be working for you through referrals.  For this method of marketing to work, you have to provide top-notch services to your clients and maintain a good relationship with them. This way, they will feel valued and appreciated, and they will refer their friends and family to you since they trust your company. 

Finding quality and reliable online solar leads can be challenging at times but it is not impossible. There still are companies offering reliable solar leads. If you are looking for a company that offers quality leads at a good price, call Solar Exclusive on (702)462-7237. Our company will generate solar leads for you to grow your solar business.