Your Best Options to Wed Chinese Hot Women


When you decide to marry civilly, you can choose between carrying out all the legal procedures in the presence only of the witnesses and then holding a symbolic ceremony in an attractive place with the presence of family and friends or transform the place prepared by the notary’s office into a less cold and informal place.  If you have chosen to have a civil wedding and want to give your wedding a touch of originality, follow these tips that will help you organize one of the most beautiful days of your life in a unique and personalized way. You can choose the Chinese brides for the occasion.

Includes flower arrangements

With small changes you can make the place cozy, the choice of flower arrangements in the same line of the architectural style of the room and the hiring of a special decoration, can make your civil ceremony special. Keep these 10 aspects in mind when decorating your wedding with flowers.

Even if the ceremony is short, you don’t have to give up music. A magical atmosphere can be created thanks to instruments such as violins, harp or flute. Personalize the entry with a song that is meaningful to both of you. Learn what music the musicians should perform during the wedding ceremony.

Wedding dress

Take a chance! Do not have the slightest doubt. Dare without fear to wear a different dress; we give the green light to short wedding dresses, with pants, without ruling out other styles such as mermaid cut or a line. There is a selection of wedding dresses suitable for a civil ceremony that reduces you the number of infinite possibilities in the bridal market.

Customize the readings

Civil marriage with hot Chinese women allows a greater choice regarding the texts. You can entrust the reading to a witness and in this way enrich the ceremony. It will make it more authentic if they are accompanied by background music.

Choose bridesmaids

Why not take those closest to you and who is part of that long-awaited entry by your future husband? You will create a very special and unforgettable moment by having a court of honor at your civil wedding. Do you know what the role is of ladies and gentlemen of honor in a wedding?

Write your wedding vows

This kind of marriage promise you make to each other can make your ceremony an emotional and unforgettable moment that makes a difference. Let yourself be carried away by the feelings and that each one can express what their heart feels. For something the vows are considered one of the 5 moments that you will always remember from your marriage. They cannot be absent.

Confetti or soap bubbles

To celebrate the union outside the notary or the place of the celebration, you can not only go to the traditional rice or confetti, but also to the soap bubbles. Discover these incredible ideas to replace the rice toss when the bride and groom go out.

Having a civil ceremony doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing personalization, taste, and creativity. These simple ideas will help you realize that it can be a dream ceremony. So that each of these moments is recorded in spectacular images and videos, do not forget that you should always have professionals and experts, such as The Sum of Days, who will document the most important moments of your wedding, without forgetting any of them. .


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