Avoid These Common Mistakes while Cleaning Aircon with Chemical to Get Efficient Cooling


The most common culprit that deteriorates the aircon’s function is dirt.  If you don’t service it regularly, then dirt enters the system and causes malfunctioning by blocking pipes, filters, and drains. This is when a professional is required who will clean the unit inside-out with special chemical cleaning agents. With the chemical-based cleaners, they clean the air filters, fan, evaporator, coil, and other important components available in the unit.

7Days Aircon Servicing in Singapore provides the best aircon services. They have 18 years of experience in using the latest equipment and effective technology to provide smooth and flawless aircon services. If you need a chemical service, general aircon service, or condenser normal service, they are specialized in all types of repair, maintenance as well as installation. Their aircon chemical wash price is competitive, but they do not compromise on quality and ensure that the services are pocket-friendly.

What is Aircon Chemical Wash?

If your air conditioner does not blow cold air or takes a long time to cool the room, it might require professional assistance that would wash the entire unit with a chemical-based product. During the cleaning process, the professional will dismantle all parts inside the AC which include compressor, condenser, filter, drain, pipe, etc., and soak them in a chemical solution. The internal pipes are also cleaned with chemical solutions so that all debris and dust that are blocking the pipe are removed instantly.

Some people try DIY methods with chemical cleaning agents instead of calling professionals, just to save few pennies. However, not all people know how to clean their units with chemical-based products. The result is that they make some common mistakes while cleaning the air conditioner.

Here are some mistakes that need to be avoided while cleaning aircon units with chemical cleaning agents –

  • If you want to clean your unit properly, then you need to choose the right cleaning product available in the market. There are various products which have similar properties. It is good to compare them before choosing the best one.
  • It is important to turn off the AC unit before starting to clean the machine. By not doing so, you may damage the machine with the chemical products and that can cost extra money.
  • Often people think that a cleaning unit with chemicals once a year is enough to maintain its life. However, the fact is that it should be cleaned every three months to maintain its overall function.
  • After cleaning the aircon unit with chemical products, it is necessary to wash the entire unit with clean water to remove all impurities and chemical products stuck in it. When people don’t clean their units with clean water after the chemical cleaning process, the machine starts creating trouble.

The best way to have a seamless performance is by hiring a professional aircon cleaning service. 7Days Aircon Servicing Ltd in Singapore is the best-dedicated team of experienced professionals that provides effective results for their services. You can check their Pinterest account to know more about the services.

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