Why Handcrafted Links Are Superior to Bot-Created Links for Your Website 


Shortcuts can, sometimes, lead to destruction. In the case of SEO or search engine optimization, failure is almost always a given when you try to take the short way to the top. 

SEO is notorious for the time it takes to yield results. This delay is due to the tedious processes involved in SEO, one of which is building a solid backlink profile.

Backlinks are your website’s URLs placed on other websites. A backlink profile represents the quantity and quality of backlinks your website has. 

The quality of a backlink is based on the authority of the website it is coming from. If a link is placed on a reliable, high authority website, it counts as a good quality backlink and vice versa. 

Google prioritizes its user experience and preserves it by ensuring only reliable, high-authority websites make it to the top. 

A website withsufficient good quality backlinks is considered reliable or “worthy” of a higher rank. 

Acquiring these backlinks, while extremely important, is not an easy feat. Getting good quality links for your website takes a lot of investment in terms of time and effort. This makes the entire process tedious and contributes to the delay in SEO results. 

So, certain unreliable agencies offering consulting in internet marketing and SEO services often turn to automated link-building strategies to speed up the backlinking process and “impress” their clients. 

Such processes are powered by link-building bots that can get you hundreds of backlinks within minutes. But all of these links come from unreliable websites and therefore are low-quality backlinks. 

These links contribute nothing to your SEO efforts. In fact, suchlinks can even get you kicked out of the search engine space for good. If this happens, you could lose your SEO progress and any chances of ranking in the future.

Therefore, going the short route and deploying link-building bots is a bad idea. Still not sure why? 

Landau Consulting, a NJ SEO consulting company, has this infographic for you that talks about the cons of deploying link-building bots. Check it out!


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