Why Drinking Clean Water Promotes Wellness


As we all know, water doesn’t have any food nutrients that support our body’s needs. However, water is vital to all human beings. 70% of the human body is made up of water. Here are some essential characteristics of water.

  • During the birth stage, 80% of an infant’s body is composed of water.
  • Pure and clean water is odorless and tasteless. Also, it doesn’t have any calories and has a pH level of 7.
  • During the intense physical workout, we experienced body weight loss. It is due to water loss and not fat loss.

Our Earth’s surface is made up of 71% of bodies of water.

  • 97% of it is undrinkable saltwater
  • 2% is locked in icy places, and
  • 1% is given for human needs such as residential, agricultural, and personal needs.

According to experts, humans can survive without food for two weeks. On the contrary, we cannot survive without water for only three days. Water is very critical because it serves as the primary fuel of our body to survive.To learn more about water filtration, visit Berkey Filters.

Amount of Water in Different Body Parts

Water plays a vital role in various parts of the human body. Here are some percentage of water that is present to human organs:

  • Brain and heart – around 70% water
  • Skin – approximately 60% water
  • Lungs – approximately 80% water
  • Bones – approximately 30% water
  • Kidneys – approximately 80% water

The baby’s body is composed of 80% of water. As they ģrow older, it gradually decreases in value.

On the other hand, adult men and women have small variance due to their body composition. Based on human anatomy, women carry more fat than men. Their body contains less water than lean tissue.

Therefore, adult men are composed of 60% of water, whereas women only have 55% of water.

Advantages of Drinking Clean Water

Our body will get tremendous benefits for drinking clean water in several ways.

  1. Drinking clean water helps us to maintain a healthy weight

Anyone can achieve a fullness in the stomach by drinking lots of water. However, water doesn’t add to your stored fats in the body. It is because water contains zero calories. Furthermore, water can release quickly outside the body using sweating and urinating.

By drinking plenty of water every day, you can maintain normal body weight. Also, it is an excellent strategy to promote weight loss. Other benefits of drinking water to your weight include:

  • It breaks down the fat cells stored in your body.
  • It naturally increases your metabolism
  • Can decrease the calorie intake because it suppresses your appetite
  • It burns the formation of sugar inside your body.

One study shows that drinking 500ml of water every meal will lead to a 40% greater weight loss. So, if you want to prevent getting overweight, drink lots of water.

  1. Drinking clean water maintain healthy skin

If you want to maintain healthy skin, then you need to drink sufficient water. It is because water improves the blood flow of the body. As a result, it will give you healthy and fresh-looking skin.

On the other hand, a dehydrated body will thicken the blood. Therefore, it gives a dehydrated and unhealthy skin.

Another study shows that drinking enough water will improve the elasticity of the skin. Also, water replenishes the fine lines and wrinkles.

  1. Drinking clean water reduces fatigue

Fatigue is one of the significant effects of dehydration.

If you experience tiredness or soreness of muscles, your body will become weaker. However, by drinking lots of water, it will replenish the lost fluid in your body. Next, water will increase blood volume. It will help the body to pump more oxygen from the blood. As a result, you will become more durable and more efficient.

  1. Drinking water improves the function of the kidney

Our kidney serves as the filter of our body. It helps to remove the toxins or unwanted wastes from our collection. However, the kidney needs a sufficient amount of water to work efficiently and accurately.

Experts believe that drinking sufficient water every day will significantly reduce the risk of kidney stones and chronic kidney disease.

  1. Drinking clean water prevents the risk of Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a genital disease. It generally occurs because of a low intake of fluids and an unbalanced level of acidity.

Typically, women are more prone to UTI. It is because woman’s urethra is shorter compared to men.

To prevent the risk of UTI, a sufficient intake of water is essential. Below are the following examples:

  • Drinking enough fluids will help you to maintain balance urine pH level
  • Increased water intake will help you to flush away the harmful bacteria in your urinary tract

Final Thoughts

Water provides many positive effects on human bodies. So, start to increase your water dosage every day to achieve a healthy and longer life.

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