How To Decide On Your Christmas Decoration Themes 2020


It has only been a couple of months since Christmas of 2019, but to those who take their holiday decorating seriously, it’s about to start planning for this year’s theme. In fact, people who love Christmas and the decorating that comes with it have already started planning for their 2020 theme right after they finished putting up their decorations last year.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t started yet, there’s still time! Here are a few trends that will greatly impact Christmas decorations this 2020 that can help you decide on the theme you want:

Single-Use Anything Is Out

Gone are the days of disposable plastic Christmas decorations. With more people being conscious of their plastic consumption and carbon footprint, single-use decorations are outdated and frowned upon. For some, it might seem like an exaggeration to invest in heavy-duty and durable decorations for the holidays, but it is worth it.

There are now several options that range from fiberglass to crystal ornaments that you can reuse over and over again.

Upcycling And DIY Decors Are In

Aside from purchasing reusable animals ornaments or something similar, a very popular trend today is upcycling and DIY holiday decorations. Although not everyone has the time or creativity to do their own wreaths, ornaments, and centerpieces there are small shops that sell unique upcycled decorations for your convenience.

DIY decorations can actually become a new holiday tradition for the family, especially for the kids who are home for the holidays.

Minimalism Is Trending

Say goodbye to overly decorated homes that are full of garlands and ornaments from yesteryear. Today, modern homes go for a simple and minimalist look, even for the holidays. This may mean having a decorative candle as a centerpiece for Christmas dinner and having a sparsely but beautifully designed fake tree in the living room.

Yes, as tacky as it may sound, more and more homes are choosing fake reusable trees instead of fresh-cut trees for Christmas because they are more eco-friendly.

Classy And Elegant Color Schemes Are Popular

With the same concept as minimalism, popular holiday color schemes are no longer centered around bright reds and greens. Today, holiday decorations come in muted and soft colors such as whites and pastels. Other homes even stick to a classy, color scheme such as gold and silver or something similar to match their minimalist home while still maintaining a look of wonder and whimsy. To form your own charming show, use the concepts for decorating with vintage art or Christmas Modern Art .

Personalized Decor

Investing in personalized decors such as animals ornaments or personalized Christmas stockings ensure that each item will be reused as many times possible. It is very difficult to throw out anything personalized after the holidays which means there is no need to shop for new decorations constantly.

If you’re planning to make a switch to personalized ornaments, it’s best to get them as soon as possible. Waiting for the holiday rush can lead to delays and leave your home and tree looking bare and sad. Follow these design and decoration trends for 2020 and your family will be in awe from the moment they walk inside your door.

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