Which companies provide unlimited internet packages in Pune?


 Since the most-awaited 4G launched in the Indian market, customers and internet users have been witnessing a neck-to-neck competition among telecom service providers. And in the broadband market, you will find numerous local service providers equally competing with the major telecom service providers in India.

However, there is a catch. No all the local providers offer broadband service across the country but only in the select cities of India. So for people looking for broadband near me in Pune here are your options to choose from the best and fastest broadband service providers in Pune.

  1. Airtel Broadband Plans

Starting with one of the major telecom service providers in India BharatiAirtel offers broadband services across the country. Airtel’s plans offer data cap and internet speed that suits one’s needs in the budget. Airtel has a basic plan priced at Rs. 799 that offers internet speed of up to 40 Mbps for a data limit of 150GB. With a bit of upgrade at Rs. 999, you get 300 GB data with the same internet speed. Moreover, you also get to enjoy the 3-months of Netflix and Amazon Prime annual subscription for free.

  1. Your Broadband Plans

You Broadband is another popular internet service provider in Pune. However, You Broadband is a local service provider and offers services in selected cities in India. The company offers a variety of plans that suits one’s needs. Under the ‘YOU Unlimited’ plan, you get internet speed of up to 60 Mbps for unlimited data at Rs 1999 for 90 days. The validity of this plan is 90 days.

  1. Spectra Broadband Plans

Spectra Broadband is another local service provider in Pune. They provide few plans in different areas in Pune. One of their unlimited data plans under Rs. 1000 offers 1 Gbps of internet speed for 150 GB data. However, there is a catch. To get Spectra broadband connection at home you will need to pay Rs. 1000 as installation fee as well as a security deposit of Rs. 2000. There’s another plan the company offers at Rs. 1249. Under this plan, you get unlimited data with the internet speed of up to 1 Gbps without any usage data cap.


  1. ACT Fibernet Broadband Plans

ACT Broadband is another local service provider in Pune that provides budget broadband plans. The company’s ‘ACT Platinum Promo’ at Rs. 999 offers internet speed of up to 150 Mbps with 1000 GB data limit. The company offers another 1000 GB as bonus data. However, once you exhaust the data cap the speed will gradually be reduced to 1 Mbps.

These are internet service providers in Pune. Compare plans online and choose the service provider that meets your data needs in your budget.

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