Where can I bid on the best delivery jobs?


When preparing to bid for shippers, you need to keep a lot of things in mind. It is important to ensure that you are getting paid what you deserve. Just like any other business, you would like to earn profits in delivery jobs too. Also you would want to make the right bids so that you don’t have to face losses. Here is a check list to keep in mind when bidding for delivery jobs:

Mileage: Usually courier charge by the job, but if you prefer by mile, then it is fine. Find out the current mileage rates going in your area and submit a quote accordingly.

Load: If a load is heavy, then you should charge additionally for it. Make sure you have a hand truck with you to transport heavy products.   

Speed: If the shipper wants to deliver the package at a speedy fast rate, then you can charge additional fee for it. A lot of couriers charge 10% more for a rush job.  

When: If the delivery is supposed to take place after the normal business hours, then you can charge additional for it.

Waiting time: What if the delivery driver has reached the pick- up site and they are forced to wait. It may put you off schedule, hence you can charge an extra fee for it. 

Apart from this, as a delivery driver, you need to register at a lot of places to get loads to haul. Once of the best ways is to bid for loads. Here are some platforms where you can bid to get best delivery jobs.

Go4er: It is an app which offers on-demand delivery solutions. The drivers bid and the customers accept the bid they like. Once they get accepted, the driver gets the notification. The bidding can be done on package type, location, delivery hours and route.  

123 Load Board: The online load board has been around for more than a decade. It has helped shippers and carriers. It has a load board known for its reliability and better user interface. With the help of this platform, delivery drivers can look for work with great ease all across North America. You can easily post loads and look for work for free. However, if you pick the standard plan, then you will be provided with additional features.

Shiply: One of the most renowned and used shipping bidding website is Shiply. The online platform gives you the access to load boards decked with thousands of delivery jobs. The truckers can look for jobs as per their preferred route, location and region. They can bid on it and get the work with great ease. 

No matter what platform you choose to get delivery jobs, make sure you are paid well. Also the shippers should compare job rates and then pick the one feasible for them. So, shipping bids are a win-win situation for both the carriers and shippers. Sign up on different load boards and start earning today.  

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