What qualities should you take into account when choosing your criminal lawyer?


Once you are clear that you have a problem and that you must solve it with the help of a professional, take action. To do this, interview a few lawyers before deciding. It is essential that you verify that they have the following qualities to increase the chances of being successful in choosing your Hamilton criminal lawyer.

Full confidence in your lawyer

You are going to give him the reins of your life. It doesn’t matter if you are the victim of the crime or the accused. Your life may not be the same when the process ends. The trust that the lawyer offers you is basic. Keep in mind that these are usually long processes. Don’t skimp on this first point. If you don’t trust him, that’s not your Lawyer. Look for that lawyer who explains to you well and in words that you understand what the possibilities are and what the strategy to follow could be.

The lawyer has to defend you

He is obliged to do so. Does it real matter if you are accused or victim? He has to watch over your defense. A good criminal lawyer is calm when it comes to formulating a strategy. You know you are not always going to win. There are times when the defense is very complicated because all the evidence points to the defendant as guilty, but it can minimize the damages. Find a realistic attorney. Criminal cases are opened for serious acts.

Pay attention to how he argues

Keep in mind that he will later do it in front of a Judge. If when you interview with a criminal lawyer, his arguments do not convince you, he may not be the lawyer you are looking for. A Judge is not a machine. He is a professional who listens carefully to the arguments of the lawyer and verifies the evidence based on those arguments. The allegations of the attorneys and the conviction with which they argue are vital in the criminal process. So look for a lawyer who will convince you with his arguments, he will do just as well before a judge.

The choice must be based on specialization

We will not tire of repeating it. The choice of the criminal lawyer must be based on specialization. Are you going to buy cookies from a hardware store? Well this is the same. As they say, “each teacher to his own book”. If you have a criminal problem, choose a criminal lawyer. If possible, specialized in the type of crime for which you are reported or want to report. It is true that most of the criminal lawyers handle all the Penal Code and that will help in most criminal cases. But there are crimes that need greater specialization.

The so-called “criminal compliance” or very serious crimes such as Drug Trafficking or Murder need more preparation. In the latter cases, greater specialization is needed. Especially since they tend to take a long time and not all Lawyers have the time and resources to carry out this type of process.

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