What Makes a Good Property Manager?


The cost of building a property can be high. However, most investors are always ready to get the extra mile to make it happen. The motivation is the income yet to be generated. When giving out a property for renting, one should be categorical in having the management of the property as smooth as possible to generate the intended income. If not well managed, the tenants can get scared away not to rent it. Nobody wants their property to lie idle. Companies like Property Management Stone Oak or individual property managers can be trusted for such services.

Every property owner should get the best manager for such a task. Such a manager should exhibit the following traits:

  • Peaceable

A property manager must be calm and peaceable in approaching all matters regarding the property in question. In most cases, tenants visit the management offices when things are not working well. For instance, when the tenants are not adequately supplied with water or electricity, they will most likely storm the office in fury. This is when the manager should be calm to bring the tenants to explaining their problem without war.

The property manager is a link between the property owner and the tenant. Even when there is a problem that needs the attention of the property owner, he or she should still be calm when explaining the issue to the owner. This makes him not to exaggerate the problem in such a way that the owner will give up or take stern action against the tenant in question.

  • Communicator

A good property owner should be an excellent communicator. He should be keen to listen to the tenant and the property owner as well as other employees below him. Naturally, anybody would want to be listening to even when they are wrong. Well, it might not be easy when being provoked. This is, however, what makes a property manager. Being attentive to listen to helps the manager to understand the whole issue so that necessary action can be taken.

Additionally, the manager should be able to communicate with the owner in giving reports. A good manager should do so monthly, delivering both financial and physical statements about the property to the manager. Even during a crisis, the manager should answer phone calls, respond to emails, and text messages.

  • Personable

A property manager deals with people. Apart from the skills to manage the property itself, he also needs to have the people skill to manage people. It can be disappointing to have a property manager who thinks that he or she is always right. Such character will make the manager not approachable by the tenants. If the tenants can freely talk to the manager, with time, they start losing trust and consider quitting the property.

  • Financial Steward

Property managers are responsible for the management of the finances related to the property. He has to make repairs when necessary. This does not mean that he should be extravagant in the expenditure. He should give the maximum possible finances to the owner in return. Such a manger can determine what can work best in lowing expenditure in managing the property.

When looking for a property manager, these are the simple things that should be considered. Property management is one of the promising areas in the service provision industry. Every tenant and property owner deserves the best manager. Property management by Stone Oak has proven to be one of the best companies that one can trust instead of dealing will individual managers.


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