What is the work of the socket tester?


A socket tester is basically a handheld device that is used for quickly accessing whether the wall sockets are properly working or not. The stock testers either come with an attached plug that is plugged into the mains socket, or these can also be plugged directly to check the status of the wires.

Once a socket tester has been inserted, most of these models have LEDs that act as the signalling mechanism and indicates whether the wires are properly working and are adhering to the safety criteria or not.

The LEDs present on the socket tester illuminates in response to the current. Some of the socket testers also come with loud sounds or tones. The LED and tones work in combination to alert the checker to the levels of the alternating current as well as voltage or the lack of the same from the sockets. Socket testers have been designed to detect the occurrence of common wiring issues like earth wiring as well as neutral wiring faults.

A neutral wire is one that is responsible for establishing a connection between the source and an electrical circuit. An earth wire is responsible for running the excess current from the electrical device into the ground, thus minimizing the risk of circuit damage or electrocution. The earth wire is also referred to as a ground wire or ground.

The ground wires and your device can be simultaneously tested. There are different models of socket testers that come with additional features like fault and fuse location or polarity electrical testing. Polarity has a crucial role to play in the alternating current because it can switch back and forth multiple times in one second.

There are many names of the socket testers like

  • Mains polarity tester plugs
  • Mains testers
  • Socket checkers
  • Mains socket testers
  • Plug-in socket testers
  • Plug-in mains testers
  • Electrical outlet testers
  • Receptacle testers

How do socket testers work?

Socket testers contain a device called a microprocessor present inside the socket tester, which is connected to a conductor circuit. Once the socket tester is inserted into the plug point, the processor analyses the flow of current, the continuity of the current and the polarity of the connections.

Socket testers are responsible for identifying if each of the contact present inside the socket is connected to the right wire. In case there is any wiring fault, the pre-program set of LEDs and tones will let the user know of the existing problem.

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