What a strip club VIP section is like


Going to a strip club is a rite of passage for some money. It has become a tradition for grooms to be to celebrate their last night of being single in a strip club. While some only see a strip club as a novelty, something you get to experience at least once others are regulars. A group of guys wanting to get together in a lively and entertaining place would either go to a football game or a bar or hang out at a strip club. Some clubs bring all three things under one roof. There is one extra thing that makes it special, the VIP treatment. VIP treatment costs a little extra but they are worth it if you want extra special treatment and privacy. There are perks of VIP treatment that regular club patrons don’t get:

Special seating

Strip clubs can get busy and crowded especially on the weekends, it can be virtually impossible to get a seat. On a very busy night and with no prior reservations, you might find yourself standing in the furthest corner of the club. However, if you opt for the VIP treatment, you will get special seats in your own area, cordoned off with a velvet rope or something like that. It will just be you and anyone you invite to your area, now unwanted or invited people will wander into your space however, you’ll get the best girls wanting to visit your area. You can interact with them more privately here.

The best bottle service

When you are in the VIP section, you have access to the bottle service. You can choose the bottle you want and the appropriate mixers. The bottle is presented with a lot of fanfare, in a bucket with sparklers to make it all seem festive. On busy nights, the bar can get so busy that people have to stand in line just a glass or bottle of something. When you are in a VIP section, you have your own waitress pandering to all your needs. Some clubs serve alcohol by the glass which can become expensive as the night wears off, a bottle service may sound more expensive but there is more than one glass that you can get a couple of glasses out of a bottle, the cost of alcohol all boils down to the alcohol brand and how expensive they generally are.


The VIP section usually has its own security guard who checks who goes in and out and makes sure that nothing bad happens whilst you are in the VIP section. If the VIP area is a private room removed from the rest of the club, the dancers dance with extra enthusiasm because they know VIP customers tend to tip more. Your drinks are safe, because unlike in the regular bar area you will find unruly people who will take a sip out of your bottle. For a few hours, you get to feel safe and secure and have as much fun as you want to without having to worry about stepping on anybody’s toes.

VIP Hosted entrance

When you’ve booked a VIP table, you won’t have to stand outside in a queue. VIP passes guarantee that you get seated immediately when you get into the club and of course, the VIP host makes sure that you get what you need when you need it, no pushing and shoving people at the bar.

Bottom line:
Whether you are going with friends or part of a bachelor party or just any other celebration, you should take advantage of the VIP experience. It heightens the level of enjoyment that you can have at a strip club. No waiting, no drama just straight-up fun.

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