Looking for a Paralegal for Divorce? Checkout this guide


Divorces can become life-changing events in more ways than you can imagine. If you don’t hire an expert person to handle it, you may have to pay a heavy price for it. However, you can still get out of this trouble. You can turn the case in your favour by hiring a paralegal for divorce.

But how to choose the best divorce paralegal can be another Himalayan task. But don’t worry. We will list down some of the factors which can help you in choosing the correct paralegal. Let’s begin!

    • Type of Divorce: The first deciding factor is the type of divorce. You should hire a divorce paralegal if you are opting for an uncontested divorce. This is because even uncontested divorces require complete paperwork. If you forget any document or file them in the wrong format, you may have to face problems later on. On the other hand, you can hire them in case of self-representation also. But complex cases needing tough fighting in the court will require the services of a divorce lawyer. 
  • The Extent of services: As we said earlier, if your case needs tough fighting, it is better to opt for a divorce lawyer. But if you think you can manage the case on your own with just a little legal help, hiring a paralegal may also help. For this, you need to find out the extent of help you can get from a divorce paralegal in your city. 
  • Assets & Debts: If you have a considerable amount of assets and debts to be divided, you will most probably benefit by hiring a divorce paralegal. This is because more provisions become applicable and require equally more paperwork. 
    • Qualification & Experience: Just like any other professional, an experienced divorce paralegal can be of great help. You can put the years of experience to your benefit and can indeed turn the case around. Also, make sure that the professional holds all the necessary qualifications and certifications. 
  • Don’t Depend on References Entirely: It is mostly a good idea to get a good reference. But don’t forget to do your share of background checks. This is because of the obvious questionability of references. Also, you will be able to judge your situation the best and choose accordingly. You can compare it to the second opinions in the case of health. A second opinion and cross-check always help in becoming more assured. 
  • Budget it Right: Divorce paralegals charge a very nominal fee as compared to divorce lawyers. So, you will not need to shell out a grand sum. However, different divorce paralegals also have varying fee. So, don’t go for the cheapest just for the sake of saving money. Stretch your budget a bit to choose the best one. This may help you in the longer run by saving on alimony and other settlements.

Divorce settlements become a nightmare if not handled properly. So, you should choose the divorce paralegal after due care so that it brings a breath of relief instead of life-time regret. 

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