Top 3 Tips for Improving Storage Space Efficiency


Efficiency is the key to running any successful business, and this includes warehouses. You have to think of efficient ways of doing things, be it production, storage, or distribution. Among the hardest parts of running any business that involves wholesale goods is storage. So many warehouses are struggling with limited space, something which is not only frustrating but also slows the business down.

This is where you have to think of practical ways to help you utilize the available space to its maximum. Think of a racking system, changing the layout of the store or narrowing the aisles. If you are struggling with storage space in your business or warehouse, here are top tips to help you deal with this issue.

Assess the floor plan

This should always be your starting point. Reviewing the floor plan allows you to see the bigger picture and determine how you can utilize every space to the maximum. Remember that your business will be growing and you do not want to move to a different warehouse every time the goods increase. Utilizing the floor space correctly can significantly help you reduce the space needed, which, in return, helps in saving the business running costs. If you find the need, change the existing floor layout to ensure that every corner of the warehouse can e utilized.

Change the aisle layout

The reason why you have used so much space in storing a few goods is probably due to the state of aisle width and design. This is a crucial aspect to pay attention to when selecting a shelving solution for your warehouse. Wide aisles are the best when maximizing the movement of forklifts and workers throughout the warehouse, but this does not promote efficiency. You should consider redesigning them with polythene shrinkwrap film to come up with a more efficient and safer operating space. Reduce the width and layout of the aisle, and do not forget to rearrange the products neatly so that no space is lost.

Invest in a racking system

There is no better way to make maximum use of limited storage space than by using racking systems. For starters, you erect them vertically to utilize minimum space. If you want to store everything in your warehouse, the worst mistake you can make is trying to keep everything on the floor. You will run out space, and it also becomes confusing when distinguishing the items. Using vertical racking systems allows you to utilize less floor space, and saves your time during shipping. The systems will enable you to store the items more densely and can even increase storage density by up to 75%. You should, however, take your time and look for quality racking system Malaysia from a reliable provider to enjoy these benefits.

These are the top three tips to help you maximize the bonded storage space of your current warehouse, thus increasing efficiency and saving costs. You may have the biggest warehouse around and still run out of space, while some other business owners may have a small space and use it to fit everything. It is a matter of planning and ensuring that even the smallest space is utilized.

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