Understanding In Details The Advantages Of Innroad



InnRoad is a booking engine and is also fully automated hotel management software that is based on Cloud technology. This very customized and flexible solution helps to manage businesses of different sizes. The high converting booking engine of this software is trusted by thousands of hoteliers across the globe to increase the bookings and also streamline the operations. 

The customers say that after they have switched to this software, their report has been able to see a 10% increase in room revenue and a 20% increase in direct bookings. Using the booking engine is also quite easy. They are designed in a way, to match the website of a company and are also mobile optimized. This is SAAS (Software as a service) hotel software that integrates property management seamlessly. It also manages the global distributions, bookings as well as marketing in a single easy-to-use platform that is designed for the use of independent hoteliers, hotel management companies, and small hotel chains.

InnRoad is all-in-one software that is designed to save time, boost revenue and also increase occupancy. It also ensures that the guests can get a seamless booking experience. This company provides 24/7 live support, free data migration, and unlimited training and also has some of the best new monthly features.

With this software, one can do the following: 

  •       Booking Notes
  •       Activity Dashboard
  •       Activities Booking
  •       Availability Management
  •       Billing & Invoicing
  •       Alerts/Notifications
  •       Booking Management
  •       Built-in Accounting

The advantages of using the InnRoad software are as follows:

Customer service

This company provides excellent customer support. The customer service representatives are always available and one does not have to wait too long on the call. Getting in touch with the customer service department is also quite easy. They are always available by email and phone and are always ready to help. The representatives are also well aware of each module of the software. They are very well-trained. They are therefore able to understand the problems and figure out the solutions.

Excellent software with robust capabilities

This software is quite user-friendly. It is highly automated. New updates are coming up now and then. One simply needs to click add guest, to add a new guest. With this software, one is also able to train others easily. The tape chart functions are also excellent. They are self-explanatory and have reference guides and color codes available.

Great especially in the support front

They are ideal for smaller properties that need a PMS and IBE solution. This team is excellent at following up. There are times when the PMS is integrated into a property and the small details are lost. The account management team also does not care. But this is not the case with this software company. They always try to look for workarounds to provide the best solution to their customers.


This software provides great support and most of the issues can be resolved. This booking engine works well for a particular business model and also for third-party bookings.


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