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Da Nang city is places to visit, hotels to stay in, good restaurants, entertainment places…attractive, cheap.

You do not need to worry or think about what to do in Da Nang? Just read through this article and save it and pack your bags.

First, want to experience and feel Da Nang in the closest and most authentic way. You should refer to this article that cannot be more detailed about Da Nang!.

Da Nang city is located in the middle of the South and North, so it is influenced by the climate of the two sides. But the weather here is more influenced than in the South, so in a year there will be two distinct rainy – dry seasons.

What is the best season and month to travel to Da Nang, the most convenient for sightseeing?.

The most beautiful and suitable time to go to Da Nang is still from March to September. This is the time when Da Nang enters the dry season with less rain and storms, clear blue sky.

The period from October to February the weather here is not ideal to go to Da Nang.

At this time, Da Nang is affected a lot by the northeast monsoon coming in or rain and cold.

Therefore, it is not possible to swim in the sea and go to attractions like Cu Lao Cham.

But in return, these time travel services in Da Nang are very cheap.

Choose Placing in Da Nang

When coming to Da Nang, they choose to stay near the sea.

Very convenient for moving, can walk to the beach, swim, play, and visit the bridges…

In addition, the sea area has a lot of seafood restaurants, is not too crowded and the climate is always fresh.

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Moving to Da Nang from Sai Gon, Ha Noi by Plane

The airport is located right in the city center like the airport in Da Nang, getting off the plane you just need to take a taxi to go a few kilometers to the accommodation. Secondly, the travel time is very fast, only taking about a 1-hour flight.

Air tickets departing from Hanoi, Saigon to Da Nang cost only 30$- 40$ with VietJet Air và Bamboo Airways.

Rent a motorbike to go to nearby places in Da Nang

This is a mobile vehicle, also the most affordable means of transportation, especially suitable for teenagers and small groups. If you are also in this group, I sincerely recommend that you rent a motorbike when moving near and around the city to save money.

Famous attractions in Danang

Da Nang’s beautiful beaches

Da Nang is also known as the coastal city by many people

It has beautiful beaches that captivate people. All have fine white sand, stretching coconut trees, clear blue water attractions thousands of visitors every afternoon

My Khe beach – voted by the American magazine Forbes as one of the 6 most beautiful beaches on the planet. In addition, Pham Van Dong Beach, My An Beach, Xuan Thieu Beach, Non-Nuoc Beach… are equally attractive.

Ba Na Hills tourist area

You seem to be lost in Europe. Ba Na is a tourist area located on the mountain, known as the way to the first scene, a tourist attraction that attracts all tourists both domestically and internationally.

Cu Lao Cham island

Cu Lao Cham belongs to Hoi An (Quang Nam) often combined into Da Nang tours.

Visitors to Da Nang should visit Cham island once.

Moving a long way to Cua Dai seaport, continuing to surf on the waves by speedboat, you will arrive at a peaceful and beautiful island.

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