Top Five Halloween Date Ideas


Halloween is the time to celebrate, and dating is a celebration in itself. However, this gloomy pandemic period has confined us to our homes. Gone are the days of spooky costume parties, trick-or-treating, and carving jack-o-lanterns with your dates. Now we have to get creative with our celebrations as they all occur virtually.

The question is how to make dating during Halloween exciting while keeping it virtual and without losing the festival’s essence. You have landed on the right spot to find out the answers.

  • Make and eat spooky food together.

Neither festivities nor dates are complete without food, so why not share traditional recipes with your date this Halloween?

Decide on a time, share the recipes, and fill up your pantry. Connect via a video or voice call and help each other out with the preparations. Cooking together is a great bonding time, even if it is not in the physical presence of each other.

Lastly, show off the results of your hard work to your dates and enjoy the food in each other’s virtual company.

  • Carve Jack-o-lanterns.

Jack-o-lanterns are the most significant part of Halloween. Can you not carve them sitting beside each other? No worries. Do it over a video call! Use the technological advancement to your advantage.

  • Did you say horror stories?

Yes, we all have spent Halloween nights telling our friends and family made-up horror stories. Tell some to your date but with a twist.

Make it a storytelling game where one person tells a line, and the other adds to it. Let’s see who can come up with the vaguest and the scariest follow-up to the story. Who knows, you might get a new tale to scare your sibling or friends? If not, the internet is at your service to read horror stories together.

  • Horror movie Marathon.

Since you cannot dress up to scare people at costume parties, choose the best available alternative. Stream a horror movie online and ask your partner to watch it with you. Spice things up by adding some terms and conditions for whoever gets scared first or screams first. It can be fun!

  • Turn your virtual date into a virtual group date.

Everything is better with more people and especially friends. Ask your friends to dress up in their favourite costumes that complement their significant other’s and join in on a group video call where you all enjoy with each other along with your dates.

The bonus point is, you can always go back to talking with your partner after some time if it becomes chaotic.


Increasing problems do not mean you give up the opportunity to celebrate and enjoy. Every minute is exceptional if you choose to spend it with someone you adore. Try some of the ways mentioned above latest speed dating tips to improve your virtual date during Halloween this year. Let your partner know that challenging circumstances or not you want to be around them.

Give yourself and your date this chance to get creative!

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