Top smart blinds 2022


smart blinds home automation has reached the blinds. That is right. Now you can customize when they open in the morning or even connect them to smart home assistants.

Smart blinds are the pinnacle of home comfort. It’s pretty nice to schedule the blinds to open in the morning when you wake up, it makes your day and hopefully makes it easier to get out of bed. However, smart blinds come in varying degrees of intelligence, with only a few brands offering quality, variety, and compatibility with home automation systems all at once.

Smart Wings blinds

This is the best choice when considering price/performance ratio, quality, and compatibility options in one set of smart blinds or blinds.

If you prefer a high IQ in smart window moods over customization options, Smart Wings is your best bet. They offer several models of motorized blinds and blinds, allow you to customize the size and type of mounting, and give you the choice of three smart home motors: a Zigbee motor directly compatible with Smart Things, Alexa, and Google Home; the Alexa engine for five specific Echo devices; and the HomeKit engine for Apple users. The option to choose a smart motor means no hub is needed to use the smart options.

Although the batteries in the motor last up to six months of use, they also sell a separate solar panel that you can add to your shades so you never have to worry about charging them.

Yooxlax motorized blinds

These blinds from Yoolax are made to order and available on Amazon with options to customize size and color. Shades have an expensive look and a wide variety of fabrics and finishes to choose from and have blackout options or light filters that filter out UV rays while still letting light through.

Yoox is very specific about what their products are compatible with and which blinds need a hub to connect to the automation system, so it’s important to keep that in mind when choosing one of their products. These are available with two motors, one compatible with HomeKit and the other compatible with Alexa and Google Home, or with the option of purchasing a separate hub.

Plug-in and battery options are available for sale from Yoox. And if your window is too tall to plug into an outlet, Yoolax also sells solar panels separately that install with motorized blinds.

Levolor smart blinds

With over 300 colors and materials to choose from, you’ll find something to match your style at Levolor. Once you’ve decided on a color, texture, and material, select size and mounting, control type, power source, and remote control, and whether you want standard, top-down/bottom-up, or day/night.

But the high degree of customization, unfortunately, falls short of standard home automation systems.

While these are smart blinds in the sense that they can be controlled via a phone app where you can add schedules to run whether you’re home or away, they only connect to the app via Bluetooth and aren’t easily compatible with Google Home. , Amazon Alexa, Home Kit, or any other app except Levolor. This is a good option if customization is important to you, but you don’t mind additional apps to use.

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