Tips for Truck Drivers During the COVID-19 Outbreak



The coronavirus outbreak has affected almost every industry in America. Times are hard for the working class right now, and truck drivers feel the strain on their livelihood. While these are scary times for many people, there are a few practical tips for truck drivers to follow during the COVID-19 crisis. These tips can help truck drivers stay healthy while minimizing financial strain as much as possible. They include adhering to social distancing guidelines as much as possible, looking for loads online and staying at home when not working.

Adhere to Social Distancing Guidelines as Much as Possible

Truck drivers come in contact with a lot of different people. They may interact with other drivers when refueling or at rest stops. They will likely come in contact with people when picking up a load and when dropping a load off. It is important that drivers follow standard social distancing guidelines as much as possible. They should try to minimize the amount of time they spend around other people. This can mean loading and unloading merchandise by themselves even if it takes a little longer. The important thing is that they take measures to be exposed as little as possible.

Look for Loads Online

This can be a great time to use load finder tools online. Instead of having to get out and about to look for work, drivers can simply search on the internet for available jobs. This can be a lifesaver for truck drivers who have families that heavily depend on their income. 

Stay at Home When not Working

Truck drivers often have a schedule that is not consistent from day to day. They may be on the road for two weeks and off for two weeks. They may work sporadically as jobs become available. Between shifts, it is important that drivers stay home as much as possible. Limiting public exposure reduces the chance of contracting or spreading the virus. If a driver is sick, he or she cannot work. This can be financially devastating to many families, so it is important to stay healthy when off the road. This time should be used to spend quality time with one’s spouse and children at home.

While the world has been turned upside down by this pandemic, it is important that people keep a level head about current events. For truck drivers, following these simple tips can make these times easier.


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