Tips for Choosing a Wedding Videographer


Everyone wants to make the most out of this big life transition and build lasting memories. But what leaves a long-lasting memory than filming it all in an excellent video for generations to see?

That’s why a wedding videographer is an essential asset to every couple and one of the investments they want to give their all. However, some never reap the maximum benefits of this special moment due to poor decisions or lack of knowledge of the hiring process.

However, it’s not easy to spot the best among the numerous San Diego wedding videographers, especially when hiring for the first time. That’s why we’ve put up this article, based on research, and expert advice, to help every individual going through this dilemma find the most out of the process.

Personality Check First

A wedding videographer may be the best in town, but the whole process can turn into shambles if the host doesn’t love their personality. Couples may find it beneficial to schedule a meeting, discuss quotes physically, and plan the day’s events in person instead of clearing everything through email or on the phone.

That way, the host will feel their candidate’s attitude, professionalism, and character. If the videographer’s personality doesn’t match their taste, it’s better to cancel the contract earlier than mess the overall experience of the wedding.

What Are the Previous Customers Saying About their Services?

Their galleries are on point, portfolio, ablaze, and character is everything the client desires. However, they may still be the wrong choice, considering that other people understand the art of faking to please. Thus, the couple may consider working with referrals or reading their favorite candidate’s online reviews to see what their previous customers say.

Independent rating sites like Angie’s List, Google Reviews, or Better Business Bureau (BBB) are some of the best places to see unbiased reviews from their clients. A professional with several negative reviews than positive is an automatic red flag and not worth hiring.

Establish the Style they Want

Wedding shootings can happen in several ways, and what pleases one couple may not be the favorite of the next. Thus, they should discuss all the criteria with their expert and ensure they have a mutual understanding of the ultimate film. Some of the common styles to choose from include:

  • The minimalist video focuses on special moments within the wedding, for example, guests laughing, speeches delivery, natural audios, etc.
  • Music Video- Gives a cinematic feel, with numerous times shifts throughout the day, accompanied by lyrical music.
  • Cinematic Storytelling- Combines the previous two. It has a touch of the day’s cinematic scenes, incorporates some emotional moments, and blends with conversations and dialogues throughout the event.

Work with a Local Videographer

Even a competent wedding videographer may sometimes find it challenging to take clear shots when working in an unfamiliar venue. However, a local expert with the correct information on which side the sun sets, which angles produce the best views, and the best timing for beautiful shots will be an essential asset at the wedding.

Decide on the Right Package for the Day

Various San Diego wedding videographers offer different packages, depending on client needs. Thus, the couple may decide on what they want to include or exclude from their wedding. Also, request quotes from multiple professionals and find out which of them offer what they need.

A wedding occurs once, and if the shot wasn’t clear this time, there might be no next try. Thus, couples need to take their time in planning and ensure everything meets their expectations before committing.

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