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Keeping up with these statistics is essential when placing your handicap bets. After an immense series of complicated games against tough teams and title contenders, the team can relax, the coach can spare players, and the team’s own psychological state is worn out, without much focus. This can cause the champion of the previous year to lose to the last placed. In the NBA we have great players on all teams, so zebras will always occur. So never try to combine several games from that league. It is very difficult to get it right.

Preview of the game

On the NBA website you always have a preview of the match, with available players, injured players, in addition to other relevant details and statistics. The site is very complete, and you can already do a good analysis of the match.

Betting on Spurs just because they won last year can be a bore, as the players are veterans and often the coach does not use Duncan, Ginobili, Parker, etc. throughout the game. This can be a disappointment when you bet and then follow the match.

The tip is that as we always have a lot of games per night, if you know everything you will always be able to find a match where you will be 100% confident to place your bet. For situs poker online terpopuler deals you can have the best options.


It is the most common of bookmakers. It means betting on the winner. As we do not have a tie in the NBA, your chances of success are always greater than in football and other sports that have this option.


This is a market where you bet on the difference in points for a given match. For details, watch the video above.

The basketball handicap is for points, that is, you bet that a team will win by at least a certain difference in points, or that they will not lose by so many points (positive handicap). It is widely used to increase the odds in choosing the favorite, or to reduce the risks in the zebra, when you have doubts that it will win, but you believe that losing will not be much.

Total points

This is another common market to bet on. In it, you bet if a match will have more or less than a certain amount of points. Logically teams that score a lot will have a higher total, while games with good defenses will have lower margins. The tip is to try to find in a given game factors that lead to an imbalance to one side, and thus place your bet with confidence.

Fourth or halftime bets

If you do not want to watch until the end of the game, or you have statistics that show that a team usually starts playing very well, betting on a quarter or time is a good choice. In this bet, only the specified period will be taken into account. It is commonly used in live betting.


There are several special markets, of which we highlight some:

Player performance:

In some houses such as Bet365 they allow you to bet on the performance of a certain player, be it points, rebounds, among others.  

1st team to score 20 points:

The name says it all. You bet on which team will score 20 points first.

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