The Emotional Experience of Moving to a New House


Moving to a new house can incite a number of feelings and emotions that might distract you from the goal at hand: getting settled into a new place. Whether it’s excitement, denial or just fear, it just happens. Here are a few possibilities you might encounter when moving day approaches.

Surprise, You’re Moving to a New House

A new job, a new child…who knows what’s in store for you? When the surprise of a new move surfaces, one must face the challenges head on. After all, avoidance will get you nowhere fast. Get organized right away with lists of things to be done and start tapering down your clutter to ease the transition.

Denial…Why Must You Move?

Sometimes the inevitable is just too painful to face for whatever circumstances have brought about the need to move to a new home. However, this defense mechanism doesn’t change the reality of the situation. Regroup your mental faculties and get started with moving into acceptance—and your new residence.

Excitement for a New Adventure

Sometimes getting on board the rollercoaster for the ride is emotionally uplifting, as there are sure to be new adventures down the road. Strap on your seat belt for the joys, but also be wary of the potential lows that can sideline your enthusiasm.

Fear of What’s Ahead

Moving is stressful, but we often have irrational fears associated with the large tasks that accompany changing addresses. If the feeling of fear is substantial, you might have tropophobia and want to seek counseling. Fortunately, these fears subside on their own rather quickly once you face the truth and get started with the moving process.

Sadness and Loss

Homes harbor fond memories, and we develop lasting bonds with our neighbors and favorite local spots. Sadness is the most common moving emotion, but once you come to terms with their loss of physical closeness, you can establish ways to keep in touch on social media, via phone and with regular visits.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed, sad, or fearful when moving to a new house. Get started on the right foot with a qualified real estate professional on your side.



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