Acrylic nail designs to try



An easy way to add an accessory to every outfit is by having acrylic nails. Acrylic nails are fake nails you get put on at a nail salon, and they can come in any shape, length, and color.

For women who like to have a statement piece, acrylic nail designs are the way to go. While it’s nice to have a natural polish – design is what will set you apart.

Popular acrylic nail salon designs you should try

Marble – A popular trend right now is marble. Not just in your homes but on your nails. Marble nail design will spice up your look while keeping you modern and in with the fad.

Ombre – Just like you ombre your hair, you can now ombre your nail color. Go from light to dark or vise verse with an ombre nail design. For those of you who like color, ombre nails are popular as you can mix multiple colors in one design yet still have them blend together naturally.

Sparkle – Adding a sparkly nail polish to one or more nails is really on-trend right now. Gone are the days when bridal parties were the only ones with sparkle on their nails!

Black – Dip your fingers into your dark side by going black. Both matte and shiny black nails are popular.

Oval Shape – Instead of having a natural shape, oval nails are increasing in popularity. Not only do oval nails make it hard to snag your nails or scratch yourself, but they’ll also keep you turning heads for days!

Two-toned – Instead of choosing one color for all your nails, why not tell your nail salon technician to change it up with two colors. Pick one finger you want the additional color to be on and paint the others the same.

Images – Getting images and words added to your nail art is going to be something that carries from 2019 to 2020 with nail design.

French tip – While white tips are not popular, colored tips are. Pair a gold tip with a natural beige nail and you have a winning design.

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