Add meaning:

Festivities cannot be complete without the inclusion of flowers that add meaning to the occasion and also to those who are celebrating their birthdays or their other anniversaries. Whether it is a new job or a retirement they both add the feeling of warmth and thoughtfulness from the part of the giver and make the relationship a memorable one. Formal and informal occasions too are given a lot of meaning by including the choice of flowers that the receiver likes most. You can have the best floral arrangement from the katong florist and say what you intent to wish the friend or the family member what cannot be conveyed with just words.

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Huge variety:

  • The bouquets are made with the best flowers that they can get hold of and they include the roses, tulips, hydrangeas, sunflowers, zinnias and many other small blossoms that they combine together in the form of a beautiful bouquet.
  • They also have the single variety bouquets with the roses as well and with other flowers. They are priced at reasonable rice pint so that most of their customers can afford them and include these flowers in their festivities.
  • They are arranged using the bow method to tie them all together or they are arranged on to a basket to make it look more festive and lively and even add a touch or richness and color and fragrance to the occasion.
  • They do not rest at just at making the creative floral arrangements but also undertake the service to deliver these flowers to the right destination as well.
  • The ensemble can be made even better by adding some other gifts like the chocolates and other sweets into the basket which will be delivered along with the flowers to the recipient on the special day without any delay and at the promised day and time.
  • They also carry out the same day delivery method which is even better if you have something to convey at a very short notice. The package can be chosen from the picture available on the webpage and you can select them according to the category from the catalogue online.

You can contact katong florist at the given phone number or through mail and also you can get in touch through the face book page for all your festive occasions.

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